Extrapolate from there…


I have spent the better part of the last few days transcribing the session of Friday and relive the event each time with greater understanding of what has transpired. People, places…names, numbers and initials have begun to have a life of their own. I am piecing things together now that did not seem to fit before, but now show clear segues to one another. And each day, sometimes hourly other intuitions flower and unfold before me. I continue to be mindful that not everyone sees this for what it is. Grateful to some extent that they do not, as this continues to be a work in progress and comments one way or another at this point would seem grossly premature.

While information garnered did not come in your typical fashion, it remains information none the less and must be substantiated to reach the benchmark necessary to warrant validation. Therefore, I am hesitant under such rigorous recent scrutiny to place anything in print. Yet, if that become the margin by which I process, then while I am left more socially palatable, I am also left unfaithful to my craft and the task at hand. To those then who might take religious umbrage with such methods, I merely answer:

What is the definition of praying? Take your answer and extrapolate from there…

Until later then

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