No more Mr. Milktoast…

I am reminded today of a song that was sung by Peggy Lee. Those of you old enough to remember her will remember this song… “Is That All There Is”. Know then that I have fought with both head and heart these last few days over information I have received. Incriminating information that, to the best of my knowledge was never been made available to the public. Information from the face of justice itself. Information that could have altered the course of countless lives- their destinies, their legacies and those of their children’s children. Information that could have changed the face of an entire community. The receipt of this information has escalated and propelled this case into a higher stratosphere than ever I could have imagined.

It is one thing to suspect a thing… it is another to find it an absolute. For where does one go from there, but to those who share in the responsibility for its execution? There is an unwritten responsibility that comes with knowledge of the absolute. A pact of scared trust between the gods who have granted such intercessions and the recipients there of. A pact which begs of both to use whatever spoils distributed- be put to use for the betterment of mankind. That these gifts of information be reviewed with omnipotent eye, governed with clarity of mind and dispensed with purity of heart. Each day I work this case, I find I ask for more patience and guidance from those who lead me. Now too I must ask for their temperance and wisdom; for solid counsel and a steely stomach to digest and ruminate what I have discerned.

Whatever part of me once thought writing this book would remain the better part of folly, no longer entertains such naiveté. Knowledge of a crime, without the sharing of that knowledge…makes one as guilty as the perpetrator if that is where one’s integrity in the matter ends. Knowledge of, and silence about– begets collusion. I cannot in good conscience sit idly beside and share in the duplicity of another’s ego. No matter the intention or perceived nobility of the act. Silence is not the right of the observer. It is the right of the victim to choose what is and is not shared! As Betty Davis once said in one of her films (All About Eve, I believe)… “Hold on to your seats! It’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

As of today, I take off the kid gloves and prepare to do real battle with those living who have information… with those living who withheld information and those dead who took that information silently to the grave!

3 Responses to “No more Mr. Milktoast…”

  1. Phil Barrett Says:

    I heard about your quest from Donald Davis at the Lowndes Historical Society. Just a comment, as you had called when I was there investigating the History the Ocean Pond Fishing Club in Lake Park Georgia. I have heard that there was a Mr. Cusetta living where the Carson Mclane funeral home is now in Lake Park. An older lady here said he was married to a lady who’s dad was a gangster up north. I was told by an elder at my church that the Moose Club, which burned years ago had gambling machines in them. When he as a volunteer fire department member found the machines full of quarter, they called the sheriffs dept. The deputy who answered the call had replied, “just a minute and I’ll find out.” When he returned to the phone, he said “there isn’t any gambling machines there. Just keep the quarters for your trouble.” They kept the quarters. Also, there was a Crockett on an old roster of the Ocean Pond Fishing Club, in Lake Park. I’m not sure if it was the same one or not. It seems to me that there was another investigator, a Florida interstate commerce investigator who supposedly committed suicide in a Motel up in Valdosta in 2003 after he got some hot tips and was supposed to meet someone. It was found out later that the evidence was fishy. I’ll email if I hear or read of anything related to your quest. Also, my research is about how Ocean Pond Fishing Club, over the years fabricated evidence to become the owners of what is now one of the largest private lakes in Georgia. Even the courts in their 1950 and 1984 law suits, ruled in the clubs favor, in the face of explicit public records, which attested to the opposite. Let me know if you hear of any connections or evidence related to Ocean Pond Fishing Club. Thanks

    • Brownstone Literary Works Says:

      Very interesting… Of course you know Edward Crockett (the pupet-master) died this past week. He was very much a key player, along with Jewell Futch and many others. I would like very much to see what else you might be awre of. Ocean Pond is in the same area as the cluster of lakes referred to as Saddle Bags Lakes and the old VPD clubhouse- am I right? If you are amenable… please let me know of your background; why you are researching and what it is you wish to accomplish with your information. I may be able to help you with your quest, as I have an unworldy amount of research information that may dovetail with some of your separate concerns. As you know, the slot machines were everywhere and Futch was up to his eyeballs in that along with the Crockett’s. The Coroner at the time also has a side business where he worked on cash registers- not to mention he did slot machine repairs for Futch on the side. Very intriguing hobbi these men had! What do you know about the Sothern railroads sytems out of V?? My Charley was investigating a huge operation of illegal moonshine being run via rail NW out of Valdosta by several key players whose identity I cannot share with you right now- but they are very much alive and still in residence there. Please feel free to contact me again and I will keep your posts private.

  2. fannie Says:


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