Only the tip of the iceberg…

Reviewing notes from this last session…
If what information has been received through this last session with the psychic/detective rings true, then this case has more layers that an onion and smells just as bad too! It seems that every time I think I am on target for logical segues… I find that another angle has been tossed into the mix that leads me in another direction. I was fairly certain that the “big” project C was working on when he was murdered was this illegal gambling thing involving Crockett and Futch- the Fraternal Order of Eagles/ Valdosta Entertainment/Amusements indictments, but not so. Oh it may have had a little to do with that peripherally, but according to this past reading…the main focus of C’s energy was focused on the porn tapes mentioned back in the original case file. I have got to find the transcripts from the trial between Hazel and the American Life Insurance Company of the spring court session in Lowndes County as there may be more information to be derived from there. I have checked and the law firm who handled Hazel’s case no longer has the transcripts, the Federal Employees Department is incapable of locating theirs and the location of Hazel’s copy is currently in doubt.

C has left me some very interesting footnotes for my investigation to follow. There is a money trail to this thing… big money. Folks talking about the money makers- numbers racket- the lottery- illegal gambling, prostitution. Said Valdosta was worse than Vegas back then. I remember when they said there was all sorts of money around to be made. They mentioned a lottery, I was puzzled. Course that was because I was thinking about today’s legal lottery for the promotion of the Hope Scholarship Fund. Shame on me! So, I started to dig through some of my older interview notes and sure enough I found some leads. Folks still alive who remembered rumors about bags of money being taken to the local airport back then by “local law enforcement” who acted as bagmen for possible organized crime. Bags of money allegedly placed on a plane that made weekly flights to Tampa, Florida. Study your history folks. Who do you think waited at the other end of this flight to pick that money up??? Still curious about the ‘lottery’ moniker, I did a little research of my own. Research refers to the “lottery” of the day- as a numbers racket, a game they called bolita that raked in big bucks allegedly for underworld figures.

According to the psychic/detective, solving who killed Charley is only the tip of the iceberg to this thing! That alone tells me I have a long way to go yet before Charley is finished with me, but having been placed in the path of this thing I cannot turn my back on him now. As ironic as it seems, there are now just as many major angles to this investigation as ways there are to spell his first name.

Here are some of my concerns:
I need to find the man with the red hair that allegedly helped the shooter cover his tracks that night. I need to find out whose dogs were used that night to search at the crime scene. Who was BC’s girlfriend at the time. She is tied to the red truck. A badge number that is way too high to be local law, and I need to find out why C thinks the trail will lead me to M O T.  I need to discover what M O T stands for… although I think I may already know and the thought that I might be right… is frightening!

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