Continuation of session one…


Synchronicity is a wondrous thing and many events have happened that continue to show that I am being led, not only in this matter but in other areas as well. Take last night for instance. As I kept vigil and bore witness to my husband’s convalescing… I picked up my much anticipated copy of Inside the Divine Pattern by Anthony Douglas Williams and set about reading my way through an evening of gentle frustrations. Now, those of you familiar with the 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 etc., sequence, Numerology, Freemasonry and the sacred geometry of ancient Egypt and specific disciplines of various other prophetic cultures such as; Olmecs, Mayan and Hopi will see my segue… those not, take heed and do your homework. Anyway, in recent weeks I have had the chance to rediscover my Numerological birth chart. Yesterday morning I reviewed it in an effort to gain further insight to several situations and paths of potential consequence. It is amazing what information can be stored within our names and numbers and how well we and our entire universe are defined by such. (Pythagoreans would be proud.) Personal annotations aside, I shall continue in a more direct fashion. I was reading a section on this man’s birth chart, while my husband leapt from channel to channel in frustrated measure. Though Williams is of another birth month, it’s ultimate breakdown was still somewhat similar to that of my own, numerically. Williams understood connectivity, was a fellow writer and had great questions about the posturing of one’s sequential placement within the universe. We shared many of the same characteristics. In fact as confirmation of such, I quoted a small paragraph to my husband as he his jockeyed for television satisfaction. “Who does this sound like?” I asked, then read…“ I would rather learn than be entertained and that is reflected in what I watch (even)on television. My favorite genres are generally documentaries that relate to history, religion, nature or science.” Before I could proceed any further, he interjected, “YOU- YOU-YOU!” I agreed and smiled, knowing I was no longer alone in my entertainment selections. He settled on a movie taped earlier, while we were at the Doctor’s. I set sail of course to devour chapter after chapter until I could see neither print, nor hear Matthew McConaughey’s voice ringing in my ears. The evening progressed in quiet manner. Moving through several chapters, I took note of several more situations similar to my own and noted the clock. Earlier in the day I’d had him set the timer to watch something I’d spotted of interest. It was the HBO movie, Eddington and Einstein. Long a fan and fascinated by Albert Einstein’s raucous humor, beyond his personal brilliance as a scientist, I was delighted to find something of worthy caliber to enjoy before the end of the day. I checked the clock-8:30. The movie was still a good thirty minutes away and so I decided to continue reading. I finished the chapter on God’s First Man and God’s First Son and moved on. As I turned the page, what do you think the next chapter was dedicated to? You guessed it! The discovery of the 11th dimension, the studies surrounding the theories of Sir Isaac Newton, his search for the numerical bible code, the string theory and Albert Einstein’s search for a single theory to explain the universe.

My point to all this and the subsequential appearance of 11:11 on my cell phone as my daughter called, the 1:11 when I got back into bed in answer to my personal prayer for guidance and affirmation… is that life is a series of patterns and that we are not alone. Even as I search to find the truth about who killed Charley and why, I must be mindful to pay attention to evidence-both conventionally found and un. But also to those people who speak to me, both here and from other places I am not equipped to navigate right now. The beauty of this journey is that I am being blessed with people who have skill sets far beyond that of my own to guide me. People who believe in the right of a victim to be heard and that justice delayed, will not ultimately prove to be justice denied. In that vein..

The following is another segment of the first session with the psychic/detective. Names within this transcript are names that have already seen print through the initial investigation of this case. Some have been abridged to intial only as I continue my investigation. Their placement in this transcript however shows them in a different light than perhaps first cast upon them 44 years ago. Hindsight is twenty – twenty they say. My disclaimer to you for this blog is that this information was received while working with a psychic/detective medium. While it is her job to relay images and presentations to me in the manner in which she receives them from the victim; it is my job not only to listen with objective ear and scribe what it is that is being told, but to bring these narrations from speculation into the realm of fact with whatever hard evidence can be found to corroborate.

Session one, continued:

“He is showing me 1439 blue oak. Three times she repeats.
1439 blue oak, 1439 blue oak, 1439 blue oak
Do you understand?
I say I think so and ask if I can have clarification. Does oak stand for Oak Street?
She closes her eyes, and then nods confirmation.
1439 Oak Street, blue house
Do you understand? Does this mean anything to you?
I respond, ‘I think so.’

(In my mind I try to recall pages from Hazel’s diary about that morning when she was baking a chocolate cake and had to run out for milk. In the hearing between Hazel and the American Casualty Life Insurance Company, G stated that Hazel had driven by her house. Hazel swore she never went on Oak Street as it would have been out of her way. I confirm that the street name sounds significant, but cannot verify at that moment as I may have that impression confused with another. But I am almost certain that was where GB lived. I will confirm when I can get back to diary and/or city directory for Valdosta from 1966.)

She redirects.
He is showing her a red truck. A period truck – style of the day.

She redirects and places her hand above the names written and asks again for my pen, explaining names have energy. She circles three names she says are elevated off the page and appear in red.*

They are as follows:


(* These three raised and then circled):

He has a definite reaction to these three names. They are connected somehow. All three names remain elevated and in red.

She redirects.

She asks for a photo of Charley.
I give her the one I have been talking to all long. It is tinted.
She smiles. She says she is happy to see how he was and not how he is. She tells me he was a good man. He has very high energy- a good, good man.
She continues:
He is showing me a woman.
She is attractive; she has dark brown hair- black hair.
She asks me if I understand. If I know who this person is.

(At first when she says dark brown hair I am uncertain. I have never seen a picture of “G” (GB) and do not wish to identify someone I have never seen. Then she commits to black hair and I recognize that immediately as Hazel. She was noted for her painted jet black hair- her Jackie-O look.)

I tell her Hazel, his wife. She smiles.
I show her photos from the bin.
She recognizes the woman from the photo and I confirm her as Hazel.
She looks at other photos.
Photos of moonshine busts, car boots filled with whiskey… scenes outside in wooded areas with stills and barrels.
She asks if I know if any of the men in the photos are Charley.
I cannot confirm.
She redirects.
He is showing her G.
G is a man eater. There is an association between G and HS. She has difficulty getting clear description of connection- strong bond, but unclear.
I ask if I can get clarification on LT.
I ask if LT stands for someone’s name or could it be an abbreviation for lieutenant/second in command.
She cannot confirm either way.
Only that he shows LT as an older man with money and a tight bond with G.

She asks that I let her try to explain what he is showing her happened that night.
She tells me he shows her G did not pull the trigger- another male, a younger male was involved. He pulled the trigger for the fatal shot to the right side of his head. G manipulated. G ordered the hit, so to speak and had others carry it out. It was between G, the older man- LT and the younger man.
He is showing her the younger man was easily manipulated by G. That G was involved with several men at a time. That the younger man was in law enforcement.

(At this point I ask to redirect so that I might get some things out of my system. Too many of the people involved in the investigation had motives or perceived motives to want Charley dead and I am anxious to know if I am on the right path or if I need to redirect my research.)

I ask what Charley presents when I say the name, PH. RPH, to be exact.
She closes her eyes for a moment and I am caught off guard by her immediate response, especially since according to the diary Hazel felt certain PH was the one who pulled the trigger that night.

RS tells me he shows camaraderie—arm around shoulders- a tight bond—nothing negative—a closeness.

(Confused by the sheer swiftness and declaration of innocence by nature of the answer, I asked her to clarify.)

She tells me he shows closeness like that of a brother.
She asks if I know who this is. I tell her, ‘yes… it was his partner’.

I ask her then to redirect.

What does he present when I say the name J F? (Local Sheriff- Lowndes County)
She closes her eyes. (I am certain now I will get the nod I am looking for.)
She says he tells her crooked, underhanded- good ole boy, untrustworthy
I ask if he was part of the people who hurt him that night. He shows her insignificant reaction- a void. Does not configure into what he suffered that night. I pause for a moment.

I ask for clarification.
Charley shows her that JF was crooked and by all means a good ole boy—but shows nothing when it comes to the circumstance presented him that night.
(I was dumb founded by the banality of the response, but showed no reaction.)

She continued.

Three men- tight bond.
Two to be law enforcement.
(I wait with baited breath for the names, but he gives only initials.)

He shows me three men who were in collusion;
K (one initial only)
J (one initial only)

I ask for clarification. She has none further to give.

I ask about the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

She tells me he refers to those three men.
K (initial only)
J (initial only)

(I am no further ahead.)

I ask her to redirect.
She tells me all three names/initials come up-elevate and glow.

(I know now that F may only have been peripherally involved and that I have several more angles and individuals to investigate.)

I ask her to redirect.

What does he present when I say the name, C Jr.?
She tells me he responds; moonshine situation- handler.

What does he present when I say the name C Sr.?
She tells me he responds- puppet master.

Then she asks for my pen and draws a line from the name JF on top of the page, down to C Sr. at the ¾ mark of the page and says bond; association; together.

(I mentally recall the Indictment appeals 514 F.2d 64 that shows from 514 F .2d 759 that the following were indicted and convicted for charges of illegal gambling through the Fraternal Order of Eagles and the Valdosta Entertainment Company/ F for obstruction of justice. April 8, 1975. This event is 9 years after Charley’s death and there was no way Charley could have known of these events. Any association then would have had to have been established well before his death in ’66. I drink slowly from my cup of hot chocolate and try to keep my brain from exploding.)

I asked to redirect. She nodded and said yes.

Can he show and/or present to you whether what happened to him was over business or domestic issues?

She tells me he shows her both, though G = death.

Again, he goes back to the older man LT and the younger law enforcement officer.
He shows her the younger male got pleasure from pulling the trigger- took pleasure in the beating and the killing. He shows her at least three who volunteered to take him out. Several people who would have volunteered to do it. He is in their way-causing a problem. He motions with his hands. He pulls it all towards that woman.
He shows her the black widow—she has manipulated the situation.
G = black widow.

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