7 of spades…

The sun has returned to its place in the sky and my life as well. Yesterday I needed to step away from Charley- set some boundaries and got back to the chore of the living. Somewhat refreshed from my necessary, but brief sabbatical…I took to the file again last night and reread the Deputy Sheriff’s statements and those of the witnesses. I am still concerned that my man with the crooked teeth (who claims to have been first responder) does not figure into their equation. To make sure I am not cross-polinating information, I read the statement and then immediately after listen to the tape of our interview– they do not match. Though ironically parts of them explain flaws within the other. Such as our self proclaimed first responder says he covers the body with his raincoat and then something else when the rain begins in earnest. However, there is no mention of him being present in the process. Yet, the body and the blood pools are kept somehow from diluting further in the rain. He says he interviewed a farmer who was first on the scene. The farmer’s son is one of the two boys numbered 2nd and 3rd witnesses and yet… they (the son and his friend; witnesses 2&3) claim no one was there at the scene with them other than the father of the boy, W and the Deputy Sheriff. And that it was just those 3 until after the prison warden and prison dogs (with handlers) had showed up. How do you explain that?
I go through each photo; now looking with a fresh eye to the things pointed out to me by our second expert. One cuff open and rolled, the other appearing not to be. The placement and reasons for the hat, the flashlight- neither necessary for suicide. No evidence of a void pattern. Blood trails across the forehead that run in a different direction of other blood flow. Blood stains on the back of the head that travel independent of gravity flow… stains on the collar…on the shoe. Sand and grass clippings that clearly show he was on his back (face up)as the man with the crooked teeth swore he found him, verses the witnesses and the Deputy Sheriff who claims he was found face down- same as in the photos. Deputy Sheriff statements that they did not roll him onto his back until after photos were taken—yet clearly he had been on his back before the photos were taken! And what about the timeline of these photos? According to our whiteness’s, no photos were taken in their presence which was from 11: something until 2:30 in the morning. Which was during the roughest weather of the night- yet again, no mention of the body being covered to protect the scene. And this is only a small smattering of the inconsistencies that gnaw at my brain each time I review the evidence. Then you add the peripheral information that comes without a set of instructions and you really have a cocktail for insanity.
Things like this:
The man who works with wrought iron in the shape of the letter “T”
Cheese… cheese cutter
7 of spades
Wooden fence with a carving
Red 1499
A man with brown hair and a brown mustache
Try working your way through a crime scene where everyone becomes a suspect, including the victim. Then add the abridged information above and you can see why I might find it less than encouraging on a daily basis to piece this thing together. Of course you know there is much more I could write… but will not. Cannot at this time quite frankly, but that will not stop me from continuing the chase. Each day, each hour Charley brings me something new. And like a yard dog with a fresh bone, I will strip it clean of every morsel of meaty information that exists and then bury it in some sacred, secret spot far from prying eyes. It will be mine alone to deconstruct for a good long while before I ever share it with another living soul.

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