But more importantly… wouldn’t they?


Beyond nostalgia…

The last few days I have been doing further research on the results from the ballistics’ report in question and I wonder why no one ever did follow up on the discrepancy. In order for you to follow this train of thought, let’s go back to the beginning of this blogging process when I put forth some of what was included in the GBI report; in particularly the last portion of the report containing the responses about item (3) and item (6).

Let’s revisit: (information found at the tail end of GBI State Crime Lab report, reference Case # 76917)

SERVICES REQUESTED: Firearms identification; check paraffin casts.

RESULTS: Item (1) the paraffin cast of the right hand is positive for nitrate.
Item (3) the bullet identified as being removed from the left side of the head shows the remains of three lands and grooves with left hand twist.
Test bullets fired from the .38 Special Colt Commando, Item (6), shows six lands, six grooves with left hand twist.

If we review what is written by Ann L. Davis two blogs ago, then one would have to assume that the bullets were fired from two different guns… wouldn’t we?
But more importantly… wouldn’t they?

P.S. Item (4), the bullet removed from the frontal lobe area of the brain- the bullet fired through the chin is not even mentioned. Why?

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