Thank you, Charley…


Though I am feeling a bit under the weather…
I have been given the green light that tells me I am on the right track again. The confirmation I received was; hitting the ball out of the park! Hitting the nail on the head! Universal signs of confirmation from those who guide from afar, telling me that I am on the right track and that I need to dig deeper. So much gratitude to my two newest interns for drawing my attention back to precepts I had wandered away from in my search of other threads.
Those that guide present that I need to follow through with the line of thinking suggested in the blog before. Albeit, the prison workers, the relationship between the prison warden and the parole office—and how the warden’s insistence that they work for Charley. Along that line of thinking as well, comes the natural question of why the parole officer continued to shove G in Charley’s face at every chance he could. Whatever it was they were up to, it required an awful lot of guardrails to be built into the equation to protect from outside interference. So let’s see… you have parolees working for minute percentages of what was paid them and the rest of the money would most likely be kicked back into other hands. But even if you had ten to twenty guys like that on a payroll, that wouldn’t be enough to draw anybody in that deep. There has to be more to this. So what other kind of a connection would bring them all together other than that, because minimum wages for unskilled workers in 1966 wasn’t enough to warrant murder… so what was?

Could this be where the drug connection comes into play? Or is this where the tape connection comes into play? Hmmm…..

And I did some more research on the ostrich and I believe I have also figured out part of that connection. If you go back to before my first trip down, you will find a blog that should mention something about ‘a man with a pitchfork and a hay bail, standing by a fence has information that will be helpful to you.’ Do you remember?

I know who that is now and why the first time we talked, what I received wasn’t of much use to me. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to give me the right answers. It was because I wasn’t asking the right questions…
Now I know what questions to ask!

Thank you, Charley…

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