It becomes increasingly difficult…


It becomes increasingly difficult…

It becomes increasingly difficult to waltz around the facts of this case here in this blog and yet for safety reasons I have little wiggle room to do otherwise. Needless to say I continue to be fascinated by the process of intuition and retrieval. It is beyond amazing what the universe will open up to you if you will only avail yourself of its messages. In like token, I can tell you that as much good as can come through – there is evil as well and one must be mindful of what portals are tapped.

Case in point… one of my children became the possible channel for such last week. We are still in the throws of trying to decipher what was intended by the incident. Again, I defer to R on such matters and seek guidance where my skill sets fail me. As for the remainder of what was learned and deciphered…
I cannot share at this point. Too many people are now involved and too many things are being speculated about. Trust though that all official parties have been contacted and information disseminated appropriately.
Until later then…

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