Today it is raining…


Today it is raining…
Just like the night Charley was murdered. You can hear the rumble of thunder as it ripples across the tops of clouds and rain as it laps at the eaves of the house. For me rain is always bittersweet. It is a respite from eternal sunshine and a chance to look within, rather than without. A chance to study, to observe and to pick up the thread that tethers me to the events of October 9, 1966 and move it forward- another inch- another foot-another mile closer to the bridge and the final moments before the rain. For Charley it is the death toll itself. Echoing the final seconds of his heartbeat and diluting the last few drops of his life force- returning him once again to the natural ebb and flow from whence he came. Oh what fools we mortals be, to think that time stands still for any of our efforts—for good or for evil. To not realize that time will wrap itself around any event, cocoon it and cradle it as it bends and warps the edges of our perception in its travels. To understand that the moment that was, is now the moment that is and the moment that is shall return again and again to entertain, to educate, or to haunt us in an endless ribbon of karmic lessons that must be learned.
What have you learned this day? To be patient with your children? To be grateful for your spouse? To be gracious in your giving and generous in your acceptances? To be mindful of your capacity to love? To be judicious in your capacity to hate? To be open in your mind and to be unlimited in your heart?

Have you learned that evil, begets only evil and that those who live by the sword, live only long enough to learn its curve and ultimately die by being at the end of its tip? Time twists the intentions of our conscience as surely as fear wrings the hands at the ends of arms that commit the crimes.
Today it is raining and I have much research to do.

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