The visitation…

Trip to Valdosta:

We left for Valdosta on a Thursday night in mid-May. Friday morning at approximately 3:30 a.m. I received a panicked call from my youngest daughter M who was in the process of trying to take care of my middle child, K who has an unknown pseudo-seizure disorder referred to peripherally earlier in this report in a personal anecdote between RS and myself about my daughter having a severe allergy to sulphites.
My youngest daughter called to tell me that they had had company spend the night, so they were both asleep in my husband’s and my bed as the other kids were occupying their beds and the couch downstairs. Somewhere shortly before she called –K fell out of bed and began to seize- then stopped. My youngest could not figure out how K fell out of her bed landing 4 feet away and 3 feet closer towards the end of the bed and closer to the door. She said it was bizarre- She didn’t fall out of bed and roll away. It was more as if something had picked her up – carried her the several feet away from the bed and nightstand and then dropped her to the floor in one big thud. Shortly after, she got her bearigs back- she crawled back into bed with M’s help and then drifted off to sleep. Minutes later K began to speak as though to something in the room- she kept staring in the corner and asking her sister, M to make it stop growling. When M looked, there was nothing there. K continued to worry about the thing in the corner and then shot straight up in bed, slamming herself back against the headboard and begged her sister to turn on the lights and call me. (She did) K said it would not stop growling at her- it was death- she described what she saw as the grim reaper- she could see him- dark image with burning eyes, smell him (she described as a sour , sulphourous smell) and that he had a message for me. That he (death) had come for me but that he would take her if he could not get to me. That it was a warning. That she had a weakness- her seizures, and that he would use it to get to me. Then she was shown Charley’s body and bloody head, blood pouring out of his skull and the body being dragged about. It was a warning to her from another source that I needed to finish it! I had to get it done- that I needed to finish things! That I was in danger and that it would not end till I ended it- that I was to stay. It was not a garbled message- I listened to K tell me things they were conveying to her for over 30 minutes while my husband packed to return.

She continued to tell me the entity was showing her terrible things, everything that happened to Charley- telling me I had to stay in Valdosta and finish it. That this was the message for me- that I had to stay and figure things out. That I was very close- that I was right there at it- to stay at it. She tried to draw what she was seeing, but I instructed my youngest M to get K’s medication and get her to take it. To keep her as calm as possible so as not to throw her into uncontrollable seizures. I kept K on the line and we said prayers that the entity and/or entities would leave as she continued to tell me what they were trying to show and tell her. M gave K her medicine but K continued to draw on my dry erase bulletin board* with markers as though in a trance (*referred to bulletin board and magnets for it, by Charley in a personal anecdote mentioned in this document prior) and talk about the warnings and telling M and me what I was to do about the grim reaper and Charley’s murderer. Over an hour went by with this via phone and then she finally fell asleep downstairs with everyone in the room and all the lights on.

This event did not present as any other medical event we had ever observed with her. Usually she is completely unconscious and incoherent through a seizure episode, as can be confirmed from Kenestone Hospital who did a 18 hour seizure study on her in April of this year. We believe this to have been a paranormal possession and/or psychic episode. When she awoke hours later, she had no memory of the event at all. He sister does and will attest to what is written here. There are others who can confirm as they were in the house and room through most of this event. I notified RS of this event as I had no margin for comparison and was very frightened by what I had experienced with K over the phone during its duration.

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