Think about that…

What if I were to tell you that things are happening behind the scene that I cannot share with you just yet? That people and places are being looked at very closely. That some of the people are dead… but some are very much still alive. Maybe even some who read this blog on a daily basis- trying to keep one step a head.
Do you suppose they are smart enough to know that a card laid… is a card already played and that they are already behind before they even read this? Like maybe… 44 years behind?
Hmmmmmm…. think about that with your morning coffee.
I know I will!

5 Responses to “Think about that…”

  1. Bonnie Giles Says:

    Hi, I am Julie’s cousin. Her mother’s sister’s daughter. I was sixteen when Uncle Charley was murdered and I remember the horror that went through every nerve of my body when we got the call late that errie Sunday night. I think that was one of the reasons that to this day, I cannot stand to have the phone ring or someone knock on the door after I have gone to bed.

    I am so glad that you have taken on Charley’s story and are helping bring some kind of closure for Julie and Mike. You will never know how appreciative we are.

    I started working for the sheriff’s office in Moultrie in 1976 and had opportunities to talk with law enforcement from all branches of service.
    You know even ten years later they were still so closed mouth about his murder and you could see something come over them when I would bring it up. The officers worked Colquitt County, but they all worked and knew Charley. But, they totally wanted to avoid any conversation regarding Uncle Charley and the time of outrageous known corruption that happened in Lowndes County.

    I cannot not wait for your book.


  2. Bonnie Giles Says:

    No, they were from Moultrie. J. W. Hall is still alive and lives in Moultrie, Ga. He may know of people that lived in Tifton, however. Also, Betsie Beard’s husband was a captian with the Sheriff’s Office around that time and later Sheriff. She may remember some of the agents names because of him talking with her about it. She is also a distant relative of Aunt Hazel on her daddy’s side. She may remember something.

    Agent Hall and Agent Chafin who is deceased was the ones I came in contact with. Agent Chafin’s wife may remember peoples names that worked out of Tifton. J. W. Hall can help find Betsie.

    Hope this helps.

  3. brownstonelit Says:

    My interest in Tifton is for another reason all together. Things happened in Tifton that have something to do with all this. Know anyone who was involved in the Tifton Woodmen of the World Lodge #1545 back in the 60’s???

    Anybody know a family name of Chance from there??? You should call me. You can get my info from J.
    Hope to hear from you soon……

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