This moment…

For all of you who have kept silent vigil with me each night and read each blog- reading between the lines and speculating as much as I… I give you my gracious thanks. It is not only for Charley, but for you that I do this. I could have written the book and never done a blog- but there is something reaffirming about thinking out loud in this fashion. It allows me the luxury of working through my issues with this case in a more tangible format. It allows you a more intimate glimpse of a murder. I think better in ink- process better in verbiage. It is integral to the compilation and my personal comprehension of events. Tonight however, I am distracted by a series of events in my personal life. My husband had a heart attack yesterday and tomorrow he will go through open heart surgery- all this while I sit at his bedside, consoling and encouraging him- watching him turn in his slumber even as I write about another man in my life-Charley.
Like Charley on October 8th, 1966 – I do not know what tomorrow will bring me. I do not know how I will see myself in the next light of the full moon. Will I be wet nurse to my mate or widow to the world? Who can know for certain how any of us will be seen the next time lovely luna disrobes for us. For the moment, these things are certain. He is here. I am here. Charley is never far from my side these days and the brief is on its way…

What more can you ask of the gods than that?

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