Charley, you have one week …


Friday the 13th…
Traditionally this is a day for bad luck- mostly for the Cathars, but then I digress. I have been working diligently on several angles of this case for days now and need to pull back.
Why? Because I am starting to think of nothing else and I need to walk away for a bit. Focus on the living. So today, I ordered my books for Criminology courses and am looking forward for what this adventure will bring me. It will be fraught with frustration no doubt, as I plan to continue working full time at my job and have this book to write in between assignments and rehearsal schedules which promise to be grueling. The one thing that makes this doable is that I am at a point in my life where the hunger for new adventures and learning far exceed my fear of failure or fatigue.

Even more than that, I am grateful for the phantom adrenaline of beginning scholarly work again. It reminds me of the movie; “You’ve Got Mail” when Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s characters talk about how they love New York in the fall… the chill in the air, turning of the leaves… smelling bouquet’s of freshly sharpened pencils. Or the thrill of raw intelligence being stretched and spent in the book by Scott Turow, One L.

In my own mind, I can hear the faint echo of stiff saddle shoes squeak and bounce off walls of soiled institutional green. Feel the bodies of fellow classmates jumbling to fit through door jams at the same time- bells that count down the segments of an academic day. Ahhhhh… but that is in the distant past. I’m much older now.

Still, it is here- waiting just at the cusp of my imagination. It makes me young inside- it renews my soul each year. I am more comfortable in the fall with the changing of the seasonal guards that at any other time. Eager for the rush to begin, I wait patiently with pencil in hand and look forward to inflicting fresh wounds to new book bindings with the first turn of the page.
Charley… you have one week to deliver me the remaining information.

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