How did we get there?


Rape you say… how did we get there?

Supposition is defined by Encarta Dictionary: English (North America) as;

1. hypothesis
something that it is suggested might be true, or that is accepted as true on the basis of some evidence but without proof

• That seems a reasonable supposition on the basis of his previous behavior.

True. I do not know all the variables that go with this plausible scenario. But based on his (the grim reaper’s) previous behavior, it makes perfect sense. Why would you orchestrate a murder? Now mind you, I did not say he physically committed the murder of Charley. That, he left for someone else without conscience to do. And Rox? Why… it may not have even been his fingers on her throat. But if we look at Encarta’s definition of the grim reaper…

Grim reaper:

a personification of death, shown as a cloaked man or skeleton holding a scythe

What I have been presented with are the images of a girl, several men, a hotel room, hands on a girl’s throat, water and a necklace with a V in it.

We know that Charley did not commit suicide. He was killed. We know that the level of his infraction must have been high stakes enough to warrant a cover-up that has lasted for over 40 years, so his adultery is a misnomer. On more than once we have been presented with the possibility that Charley found out something that, to quote the grim reaper’ would…
“Blow this county wide open.”

One man’s starry gaze does not rise to the level of such a prognostication, so we must look elsewhere’s for motive. We know from historical reference that the county back then was awash with illegal activity. Moonshine was child’s play. Drug running was in its infancy… but porn and prostitution was a steady source of income and entertainment for civilian and law enforcement alike. Prostitutes were a commodity. But what if one of them wasn’t? What if one of them was so new at it, that you could scarcely buy her a drink today legally? That is… IF… she was still alive.

Soooooo, what do grown (notice I did not say mature) men in a hotel room want with an 18-22 year old girl? And why do you build a clubhouse on a lake so far from where you work? Could it be for the scenery? The rest and relaxation? Or could it be because the fishing is better farther out of town and out of eyesight?

Think I’ll grab me a pole and do a little fishing myself this weekend! Care to join me? The water’s nice and warm this time of year…
Until later then.

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