One more day…


Tomorrow is the 29th of September and I wait at the edge of my chair to see what it is that Charley wanted to alert me to. Never has some date been given without some sort of confirmation and/or occurrence happening. Maybe I will finally be able to get through to the older woman who has information for me. Or maybe I will hear back from R on specific questions that deal with Theodore. Maybe my book at a conference in North Carolina will do well in its showing… or maybe, just maybe I shall hear something from the ‘authorities that be’ about my report and they will begin pursuit of this case in earnest. Or maybe, Rox will finally step forward and give up the secret of her identity from under the murky waters of…

If you were able to finish this sentence it is only because of one of two things. You either know me very well…

Or… you were one of the ‘four in flannel’ that was there the night she went missing!

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