I was naive…

Tell me about the flat edged shovel, Grim… tell me about the number 7 stamped in the middle of the scoop. Tell me about the compass and why if she was so important to you… how you could have been a part of this? Crime scene manipulation, homes invaded and searched for missing tapes? Pornography, moonshine distribution, skimming profits…Murder?

Remember what they told me just a few weeks ago?
“…The crow threatened to scratch out grim’s eyes. MOT tied to Rox, Rox tied to Grim…” Is that a scar, Grim? The one she left under your left eye? Tsk, tsk. She shouldn’t have fought you so hard… should she? She should have just laid there and taken it like a… man.
Oh what a tangled web we weave!

I know who the MOT was, Grim. I’ve known that for quite some time and now thanks to September 29, 2010 and Charley– I finally know who Rox was. And as for you, Grim? The Grim Reaper…
I’ve known who you were, since the day I sat across from you. The day I typed your name into my phone and got back the text:

“Wow. Dark. They present the Grim Reaper. I have never seen this before. Be careful- follow your gut.”

I did Grim… and look where it led me? To a place far, far away. A place with lots of water and a clear view of…

They tell me there is more. I thought in the beginning that finding out who the shooter was would be enough. I was so naive. Charley told me his death was just the tip of the iceberg and he was right. There’s more. Oh, so much more. So I wait. The agencies have enough to go on for now as the details will continue to drip into place. Like coffee from a percolating pot… one life, one clue, one confirmation… one drip at a time the truth will seep through the filter of all your lies and time. Just like the night Charley agreed to have a cup of coffee with his wife before he was going to leave. Just like the way he said he couldn’t stay as she was making it , but promised he’d be home before his cup got cold. Just like the hours that dripped slowly into the night for her, waiting… waiting..
Just like the title for the book says:
The Coffee Pot Conspiracy. You’d like it Grim- it’s a quick read. It should only take-oh, let’s see? Hmmmmm… about 44 years for you to finish! But then, you’ve got time. Or is that- you’ll do time? Hmmmmmmm…
Until later then.

2 Responses to “I was naive…”

  1. weight Says:

    i see what you did there

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