She just keeps reliving that night…


I watch the calendar and note that in just a few days the date will read 10-10-10. This is a very significant line-up of numbers. The day before that however will be the anniversary day of Charley’s death, 10-9-10.
It will be exactly 44 years since Charley died.
Charley died at the age of 44.

I know I have spent a good bit of my time and energy on Rox of late, but you must understand that she is why Charley was murdered. I have not forgotten about G. G plays into this and I am trying to figure you out what the real tie was between G and the others. Was G’s boy-toy the shooter or someone else? Was G’s boy-toy one of the four in flannel? Charley? I need help to draw the lines clearly from Rox to G- or to the shooter. I need for you to do a little ground work for me and bring me some more answers. And what of the fence that has the carving in it? The property that is red hot? Does this have anything to do with the shovel and the #7? Is this where Rox is buried?

I will find out. If Charley doesn’t step forward- Rox will. She is confused- cannot move forward until we can help her release. She may be trapped and not realize that she has passed. She just keeps reliving that night over and over.
The men…
The hands on her throat…
The water…
The shovel…

The hell.

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