The murder…

I will begin today much like I believe Charley did forty four years ago… with a cup of coffee and concerns about the quality of a marriage. This is the beginning of the last day he spent on earth forty four years ago. The last day as a son, brother, father or as a husband. Today is a Saturday… forty four years ago it was a Sunday. This day holds great potential and insight for me and I will not allow myself not to be present for what can be perceived. I have placed myself in his shadow and will walk this day with him. I will reread the accounts of the hours just prior; knowing that mother’s love has carefully altered and omitted what is real- what is true and what has become the threads for me to follow. I ask only that Rox and Charley afford me the continued information necessary for me to bring this to the powers that be with plausible theory, credible witness and irrefutable evidence.
For you Grim…
No matter how far you run or how hard you try to scrape the dirt from under your fingernails… I will find you. You, the shovel, the brotherhood, the compass and the girl. I’m watching… we are all watching now. You cannot escape from those who have moved on. They follow your footsteps everyday… watching… waiting for that one lie, that one misstep that will bring you to justice.

Your scar, Grim… is it still there? Just under your left eye? The one where she scratched at your eyes as she begged for her life? Three sets of hands on her throat, while one with the soft voice who really liked her watched. Did you watch, Grim? Was it you who stood back and gazed with affection on the woman-child who was being beaten and strangled before you?

One more lie… one more misstep that will bring you to justice. And you thought I would swallow the line that it was really all about the moonshine. That Charley would kill himself over the likes of G. That everybody would simply let this thing go- that Rox would let this go. Silly mortal, you underestimated us both.

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