Until later then…sweet dreams, Grim.

Ok… back to being me. Now, other than the personal epiphany which came to me in the silence of my thoughts yesterday- I came away from the trip with some very interesting information. Because I am exhausted from work and school, but felt the need not to abandon you too long, I will share some things with you.

I spent some time while there researching a few things that have bothered me of late. Things like shovels and compasses…death certificates and special fences that have things carved in them. I thought about faces and motives… heard things, saw things… felt things. I went to the old shack- just to enjoy the view from the deck. I heard it might be an old favorite of a few folks- maybe even Rox’s. Though, come to think of it…I bet that’s one place she and Jessica would love to forget. Then I went one lake up to where her body might have been found. Now, we all know what really happened to her, but suppose you wanted folks to think she’d drown. Wouldn’t you want to make certain you could prove she had water in her lungs? See… that’s the bad thing about working with dead people. They just won’t freaking follow orders. I mean, if you told everyone she’d drown- the very least she could have done was not just lay there all bruised and battered without water in her lungs- pretending to be strangled. If you drown- you have to have some water in your lungs. It’s just that simple, right? Gosh… at the very least, you should have a death certificate and an obituary written about you to back you up…
But that silly little girl, she didn’t bother to get any of it right. No water in the lungs, no death certificate or obit… That’s why the four in flannel just couldn’t work with her anymore! She just wouldn’t cooperate.

So they hauled her off and drove to….

Well… course you didn’t really think I was gonna tell you now- did you? I try to leave all the really important stuff up to Grim to tell. Like, if he had wanted anyone to know where and when and how she died- he’d have told you, right? And how about silly other little details like…where he bothered to bury her. And who helped him? But you know old Grim…

Always a suspense freak! He just hates spoiling a surprise ending. So, since he didn’t tell you, I bet your thinking your guess is about as good as mine…right?

Until later then…sweet dreams, Grim.

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