Shame on them!


Today is a day of great personal importance to me. I ask that you all send a measure of positive thought my way. Committed to solving the entirety of this now very possible series of murders connected with Charley’s death takes more than just patience, intuition and research; it requires evidence. Grant me your trust for the day that what I am attempting to parlay will help move this process forward by stronger wheels than I can personally employ. I will place my trust in those who have guided and mentored me this far and trust that the larger picture they can see before me is the right picture for what it is we are trying to achieve. Today I seek wisdom to know what the right path will be.

Beyond that, let us return. There was a reason why Rox kept appearing to R from under water. At first we thought perhaps that she was stuck; reliving her murder over and over and could not move on. This was further complicated by the introduction of the compass and the shovel… but it became apparent that neither tool was necessary for where they left her. So why the presentation of a blood stained shovel… or a compass?

Seldom do they introduce something… or someone without segue or reason. And now the name Jessica appears over and over. Jessica has something to do with the shovel and the compass and the “fort” and December 17th has something to do with…

Did I ever tell you History was one of my favorite subjects???
Unless we understand history… we are doomed to repeat it.
They did not understand history and so they did repeat it. Again and again and…
Shame on them!

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