They should have been looking at her throat….

Whoever had the medium sized black dog was at both murders… Charley’s and Rox’s. Did he belong to the shooter or to the two other law enforcement individuals who were always present? The one whose sleeve is covered with the blood of Charley. The one whose finger swipes across his forehead cannot be denied. The one who draws the car on the shoulder and not in the road…

The “fort” was an old restaurant at the corner of Patterson and Ashley- right near the Ashley Daniel Hotel were the MOT’s body was found after he had been intimidated and died. His death certificate said something about “quarantined”; but could this be because a cardiac arrest doesn’t usually come with signs of being beaten all to Hades?

The letter was written by a female with red fingernails- red fingernails gouging in the backsides of men during intercourse. Red fingernails on the hands that took the coffee grounds and strew them all over the kitchen the week after Charley was buried. Woman’s hand that took Charley’s house keys from his key ring- from inside the house. The red fingernails belong to G.

Rox- the young girl who was used for “entertainment” by certain law enforcement agencies- she was intimate with 3 of the 4 who murdered her that night. It was autumn- you could see the breath escaping through her thin lips as she lay there on the ground being beaten. They say she drowned, yet there was no water in her lungs… but they should have been looking at her throat.

The one who kicks and beats wears camouflage. He likes his boots and swears to protect the brotherhood. Beware the man who bears a tattoo of a dragon on his arm. Is this the POW of months ago I could not trace? This is the man whose association with the woman whose name begins with a B is well known. He likes seafood…

There is much already known and much to learn yet, but I am fast approaching the tipping point where the scales of justice will soon find their momentum to pursue.

5 Responses to “They should have been looking at her throat….”

  1. Longbeard59 Says:

    I think you may need to check your location of the “FORT again. Ashley and Patterson run paralell to each other. They are one way streets now, but back then they were not. They are a block apart. Ashley now runs North and Patterson run south.They intersect at the over head bridge at the railroad tracks south of town. A lot of the building in that area have been torn down over the years. I thought at one time they referred to the old county jail that was in that area as the fort. Maybe not. I was only 15 then, remember the talk but not all the points. I am in Afghanistan at this time but will be home in Dec. for a visit. I know someone that may have some fill for you. I will contact him while home and see if he knows or is willing to talk to you. I am a retired Law enforcement officer from that area, one of the good ones. Good luck with your search. I love reading your blog.

    • Brownstone Literary Works Says:

      Thanks for the heads up… my information was from someone who lives/lived there in 1966- the old S&K restaurant was also referred to as the fort- as was the big 12- (jail)… But usually only law enforcement would have used that vernacular. This “fort” was something others/teenagers would have nicknamed and referred to as the fort. In regards to the streets, their locations and intersections, etc… I am at the mercy of those who give me information, as I am neither native, nor resident of Valdosta. Good to know you are retired law enforcement and I appreciate the “One of the Good Ones” caveat!! LOL Crazy thing is… they have all told me they were the good ones. Infact the one who screamed that the loudest from his metaphorical pulpit, turned out to be my Grim Reaper…

      I would be most anxious to speak to anyone who can help plug the holes. This has been a most interesting journey… I am looking forward to how ATF and FBI will wish to proceed. Good luck to you in your travels- be safe in your duties far from home and feel fee to identify yourself more should you respond again. How current are you with law enforcement in V now???

      So much more information coming through these last few days… did you know about Jessica?? Rox?? Ever hear rumors from Saddle Bags lakes area in Lake Park??? How about Legions pool in 1966??? New pool that was built around then, but now is someone’s pasture???

      Hope to hear from you again…
      ta powell

    • Brownstone Literary Works Says:

      December is just around the corner…please find a moment in your travels and down time to contact. Thank you for your service to our country. Anything you or any others can do or say to help me with this case, will be most appreciated. I have spent the last three years on this for Charley, his daughter and the others who lost their lives at the hands of a few men and one woman who lived, long and unchallenged lives after the fact.If they are finally brought to justice; then so be it. If not… I have still kept my promise to Julie and to her father Charley.
      With warm regards,
      TA Powell

  2. Ron Bowdoin Says:

    Good to hear from you again on this subject. I think I was a little put off by your lacadasical attitude toward me being in Law Enforcement. I put my heart and sole into it for 25 years and am proud of never doing wrong while in that line of work. I know there were many in Law Enforcement in the early 60s that used it for profit and power. I am proud to say I was not one of them.That being said and out of the way, I would like nothing better than helping you with anything I can about this endever you are on. I can not remember the S&K Drive-in ever being called “The Fort”, that does not mean it was not called that. I will check with some of my family there in V. and see if they know anything about that. The Saddle bags lakes was a favorite fishing lake of my fathers and me. He has taken me fishing there many times over the years of my youth. During the time in question it was all woods around the lakes as for now there are houses all around them. The Legions pool was built on Country Club Rd. in an area that is in subdivisions now. I think I could find it, may take a hit and miss or two but I would get it. I spent many an hour in that pool as a teenager. I believe you met a good friend of mine on one of your visits to V. His Ints are R.C. and he was in Law Enforcement the same time I was. There are a lot of people that were involved with the law in those early days, not just lawmen but all walks of life. I grew up knowing most of them. I have followed most all your post since you started this. I have not put all the names with the intls you gave and all the clues you gave have not been filled in. I keep trying though. If I can assist you or help you with anything on this case or others just contact me on here and I will do what I can. I hate to know that anyone is getting away with any crime, muchless murder. I have not been in the states or V. enough in the last year to figure out who is who in this pie but I think you have. Can’t wait to read the book.

    • Brownstone Literary Works Says:

      Dear Sir, Sorry you thought I had an issue with your being law enforcement… in fact I did not know till yesterday. I just found this response while going through the admin section of my web site, so all I ever knew of you was the one comment of “So tell us already” about the alleged mistress G. Yes, I have talked with RC several times and he has been a great help to me. If you are unable to put things together, then I have done a half decent job at trying to keep things interesting, but vague. When you get state side… please allow for a call or continued commentary.ou can reach me through RC- he has my number. I gave a formal presentation to ATF,GBI and FBI in May of this last year and they have been investigating since. There were so many players in this thing you just have no idea. Take care in your duties and please… I have the utmost respect for Law officials. My brother was a Homicide/Narcotics/Vice detective and when I first started on this project and told him I was going to solve Charley’s murder…he laughed at me. He doesn’t now though! LOLZ

      I admire those who serve- but those men served themselves- and that’s what I take issue with. I would love to talk to your father about Saddle Bags Lake area- that is where Futch took the ___________ from Charley and that’s where the y beat and strangled Roxanne. Right there by the VPD clubhouse. Someone saw something/heard something that night and it was someone who was on that lake fishing. It would have been October 7th, 1966 the night she was murdered.

      Anyway… thank you for keeping tabs and please- as I say, I never knew anything about you till your comment about G and then finding that comment from October when I read through all the recent comments yesterday. I am currently going to UMUC for Investigative Forensics degree and hope to get a job with GBI myself. I know… old dog, but hey…wait till you see the next project after Charley. Confessions of a Dixie Mafia Assassin. That one will blow your mind too… all true!

      Be well and blessings for your service.

      T.A. Powell

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