They never give me information which I cannot use and they often bunch information around a single purpose.

“It feels like Rox was killed before Charley. It also feels like Charley did not fully understand the contents of the tape, meaning he would not fully understand who he would be implicating… the palm tree plate has a more specific meaning… Don’t go digging for the letter, let it play out…”

I was once asked if I received a letter from a woman from Tallahassee? Then most recently there was an impression of a letter inside an envelope- the hand writing- red lipstick and dark hair and the address of 1711 Turn- bridge or Turn-ridge something… to a Mr. Ronald C- something.

I finally received a return call from the woman with the injured foot- there was more information there.

Confirmation of the location of “the fort”.
Who lives near Rox’s resting place… who knows who… who knows nothing and who lies. Tid bits of information about the next girl.

“Jessica… waitress/barmaid… medium build… pretty… light brown hair… American Legion Club… Williams Street…Ashley Street…Hill Ave. … large parking lot in the back…”

This came hand in hand with the shovel, the compass and the number 7 which has ties to a grave plot. The date of December 17th- I do not know if it is in reference to 1966 or 2010.

“In going over my files, there was a session when you talked about______________. You mentioned a newspaper- that she was forced to go along with the story against her will. Then there is the mention of him… in his boots- rubber boots- he is angry that his wife has told Hazel about G- that he belongs to the boys club- it is about fraternal protection…”

The four in flannel:
The Mot
The man with the rubber boots
The man with the black dog

And why on the MOT’s death certificate does it read; “Ro”-something (cannot read the handwriting) followed by the word “Quarantinable” under cause of death? What happened to recording the cardiac arrest… or bruising showing his being beaten? Hmmmmmmm… I shall consult a medical official and find out why such a listing would be made and try to contact any family members still alive.

Until later then…

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