Do not cheat yourself…

Do not cheat yourself by thinking this is over… or not starting from the beginning of this blog if you are new to it. You must begin, where I began in order to understand it all. Go back to the beginning. Follow the crumbs… remember the clues… the dates. There is still more to this and I still have many holes to plug, but as I said in the beginning… I am a patient woman and the dead aren’t going anywhere.

Charley has more to say.
Rox has yet to let her family know what happened to her.
Jessica never had a chance to speak and the MOT… well, I’m certain his family has no idea why he was in a hotel room left for dead and found by a hotel maid.

Oh yes… there is more. Aren’t you curious to know why certain people never came to Charley’s funeral? Why some names never appeared in the funeral registry book? And why did they barricade Hazel’s driveway the night Charley was murdered? Can you imagine? I can see them not wanting her to drive, but not to offer to take her to identify her husband? For two days? Hmmmm… and what about the house keys and the P.O. Box key??
And what and where is lockbox #________________? Who’s hand is it that shakes and shudders as he looks down the corridor to see if anyone is watching? Gold box upon gold box… all in a row.

“Where is it? Where is it?” they all scream. What they do not know is…How many are they looking for? Last night someone claimed to have loaned Charley a tape recorder in September of 1966 and it was returned with a new tape. Gosh… I wonder what he was recording… and how many tapes he went through? If you can bury a body… you can bury a tape too!

Still think this is just a fairytale?
Perhaps…. a Grimm’s fairytale??? Hmmmmmmmmm….

Don’t you just love a murder mystery? I do!

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