Here’s another riddle for you…


Today is October 28th… and while in the scheme of things it is just another day, for me this is a very special kind of day. As a young teen growing up in Iowa, I always remembered this date as being one of the most fabulous fall days of the year. Hardwood trees of every kind were ripe with color, especially sugar maples that were ablaze with fire and each breath of air held the crispness of a McIntosh apple within it. In fact, Oct. 28th was always such a glorious day that I often thought I might marry on that date.

I never did, mind you. I got married on a Labor Day weekend, because it was raining, we couldn’t go sailing and I didn’t want to do laundry! Ahhhhh… the extent I will go to get away from a washer and dryer!! Anyway, what I wish to say is that these last few days have been a whirlwind of information and discernment. I am appreciative for every piece to this puzzle and in my gratitude I am always humbled by the forces and the process by which I receive them–mostly by R who has held my hand and helped guide me along in this new path of discovery. It’s funny that all this has happened and yet maybe not so. When I was a kid- good Catholic girl that I am, I used to pray to be the first kid on the block to have a vision of the Blessed Virgin. Why? I don’t know… I just thought if the kids at Fatima could do it- why not me? Was I not just as special as they in my “mother’s” eyes? Anyway… the Holy Mother never appeared to me in person, but she sent the next best thing. My mother… who appeared before me each day with her whimsical smile and childish curiosity. She was the joy of my father’s life and a mentor and sage for me. Alone… a small spitfire, but together with my father… a dynamic duo to be reckoned with! Their loss for me was devastating. I often joke that I am a 52 year old orphan and as we are now doing the show of Annie… I look at those 22 young girls on stage and am comforted by the fact that they do not truly understand the role they now play. This is where Charley entered my life… orphaned, still with children of my own to guide and mentor… I needed something more than duty and obligation to hold onto; to divert heartache and to distract my every thought from.

To Charley I am forever indebted for his patience and his trust. You see, Charley entered my life when I needed him most. Julie obviously has always needed him in hers, but maybe… just maybe Charley understood that by entering mine- he might have a greater segue into hers. In order to see how grand life is, look at the long path this soul has traveled to get here.

Forget that it took until 1995 to get me to Jefferson where we bought a lovely 30 acre horse farm… forget that I had 3 children that went through the city school systems, one or two through her doors and forget that all 3 of these children ended up being theatre geeks. Now… toss in a few more years and you have one of Julie’s son’s, who while not a theatre geek in the slightest, happened to enjoy technology! Sound and lighting to be exact… theatre style! Thus, I employ him- reconnect with Julie and share one pizza and a bottle of wine over his birthday and… the now ever famous quote:
“Let me tell you a story about my daddy!”

All this to say that for the rest of my life, no matter the road that rises to meet me or the gutters that occasionally try to swallow… I know in my heart that I have others with me. That we each are not alone. I always suspected such to be true, but now I know and in that knowledge… I walk in trust. I know that my parents who have passed watch over me and try to buffer my ignorance with their wisdom- my imaptience with life, with their eternal outlook advantage and my sorrows with their compassion.

How do I know this? Because at the exact same time I received a message from R last night- direct from my parents, my sister sent me a photo she had found of my father through a text to my phone. They arrived at the exact same time to one heart, through two dfferent technologies.

So for Charley and my mother and father… on this most glorious fall day of the year… may I send you all my trust, my loyalty and my utmost affections and gratitude, asking that you all continue to guide and protect me from those who might wish to do me harm. Especially now when so much is at stake and when the stakes are so high. For I have so much more information to process and tell you about. In two days another report will wind its way through cyberspace and through the mail system… the wheels of justice turn… slowly… but they turn none the less and the book may beat them all to the punch- but they will have no choice then but to catch up! True justice will be served for those still alive… I promised Charley and as he has never let me down thus far, how could I possibly do less for him?

Here’s another few riddles for you:
What can you eat at, sit on and brush your teeth with?

Give up?

A table, a chair and a toothbrush!
Sometimes the obvious answers escape us! Now, here’s another one.

Apply the same rule…

What looked like a pool, acted like a grave and now appears as a farm?

Give up?
I don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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