Wandering your halls at night and thinking…

I can feel it in the air… the chill is beginning to creep from the night into the dawn and the days while not truly shorter are feeling more eclipsed for reasons I cannot share with you now. Spirits are restless and they are chanting with added volume. The end is coming… Soon all will be revealed and you will gag on your own bile at what you learn. How could these crusaders of the light, wallow in such debauchery in the dark? Careful as you sleep. Careful as you speak… careful as you listen — the few of you still alive, for your days are numbered.

Can you not hear what it is they are saying about you now? The whispers and the stares that haunt your every move? You do not know who has spoken and who has kept your secrets… still they smile and nod their heads as if they are still one of you. Everything dies… even the brotherhood. One by one they betray for their own reward. Their hands are wrung of the blood you spilt. They claim ignorance and deceive you at every turn. The cross you carry is one of your own making. Splinter by splinter have you constructed its heft. Think naught of it as a sign of your religious fervor or martyrdom, but as the cross beam and support post construction to prop the lid of your coffin upon.

While Charley walks further away from his murder, he walks closer to justice for him and for you. I see you now Grim… wandering your halls at night and thinking… when will they stop… when will they stop?

The answer is you are already too late… it has already begun.

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