All I can say is…


I doubt we will ever know what Charley had planned to do that night. He said he would not have left Hazel for G and yet, might he have left for another reason? The reason I ask is because inside his wallet, crinkled and stuffed into the upper corner of the billfold area I found a tiny piece of paper. When I used my tweezers to remove it and then pressed it out so that it could be read… this is what I saw:

“Two bedroom home in ______________, Ga. den, carport, wall to wall carpet central air and heat. $140 Owner transferring.”

Was this for Charley?

So many questions left. I await word from R about Hazel’s journey in all this. Perhaps Hazel will have more to say. Perhaps Charley will have more to say. The 11th of November was predicted as being significant and it was. The clock is ticking softly in the background and each day moves closer to December 17th. This date is significant as well… I just don’t know why yet, but Charley does.
If it has anthing to do with information from the 11th… all I can say is, OMG!

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