Insert maniacal laugh here…


What is it they say… no rest for the weary… or no rest for the wicked?

Anyway, this morning I registered for my next round of classes and fortunately because they are on-line, I was able to push my start date from 1/18/11 to 1/31/11. Now this might not sound like a big deal to anyone else… but if you knew what was about to happen??? If you knew how much writing and research was about to be done… if you knew who was about receive the ____________ and from whom…
Well, you just would fully appreciate what I am NOT saying!
So I will need that extra time for all kinds of trips and events.
Hmmmmmm…. if you only knew, you would be glad for the two extra weeks before cramming the books again! After all, the next course in CCJS should prove beneficial- even if only in hindsight by that point.

What’s it about you ask???

Why Procedure and Procuring Evidence! My, my… won’t that come in real handy soon!!!!!
Have a nice day, Grim!

(Insert maniacal laugh here)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h…

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