Just think about your code…


Today is the last day of leisure before I must return to the grind of everyday employment and the chores of daily maintenance. I know that time and time again I have told you that this is a nine year… that the new will begin to replace the old and that the line of continuity will be broken and mended anew with different threads that will bind me to a new future… it will. It has already begun and so now I wait to see where these new threads will take me. I do know that Charley will be present and that he will accompany me on the long path down the backside of the mountain… I just pray that all that has been built will not be lost to trepidation and narrow mindedness.

We began this journey almost a year ago- Charley, R and I, that is. I think back now to that day. So much information came through and I saw only the surface of what had happened. Can you imagine that now a year later I can take you through that night- the before’s and the aft’s and lead you second by second through his murder. Tell you each movement, each obscenity and denial. R told me so many times…

“TA, be aware. There is more… so much more. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Do not think that finding out who killed Charley is where this will all end. There is more.”

What I didn’t know then is that there was Jessica… who tried to commit suicide just weeks before they raped and murdered her. Beat her and then buried her under the __________ being constructed at the place she worked. Then months later, the ring brought in Roxanne. Though this was different. Different because Rox was grim’s girlfriend. But we all know that Grim doesn’t keep people in his life long- except his innocent wife. Poor thing. Younger than the rest, he felt invincible. Why? Because his family had a lawyer tucked in high places. A lawyer he could share things with- a lawyer who would counsel and by law had to keep his yap shut about everything Grim told him. Even if you could call this man a good man- how could you quantify it with all the blood now dripping from  his hands??

They used her- that woman-child. They raped and then strangled her- tossed her in a lake- very close to their __________ and then suggested the winds carried her body there. Idiots- without current, water cannot flow uphill.
What was it R said when I gave her Grim’s call letters???

“Disco lights?? No… wait. Swirling lights- like swirling police lights. Yes- police car lights. They- he is surrounded by water.”

And what else had R seen when I sent her Grim’s real name?

“WOW. Dark. They present Grim Reaper. I have never seen that before. Be aware.”

Look up his true meaning. He is not the act of death- but escorts us to it. And who was it that asked me the question; “Do you know if they ever matched BOTH bullets to the weapon?”

Hmmmmm… but he was not alone in his concerns.  Only one other person ever asked that… the same person who desperately tried to get the crime scene photos removed from a file before I could get to them… the very same person who dogged me with question after question in a parking lot of a Denny’s in Valdosta telling me others sins. This tells me one of several things. Either this second person was in on Charley’s murder from the start, perhaps peripherally involved- or this person is now in league with Grim and trying to feed him information to protect his own hide. Too late…too late. 

In fact, if this person is now following this blog… how terribly frightened you must be, Mr. Pocket protecter.

“How much does she know? How did she find out? Who told her? Can she prove what she’s written here? Was there another? How many? Does he know where ‘IT’ is? Does she? Does she? Does she?”

Paranoia and doubts must course through your mind as a continuous stream of mental diarrhea. How much weight have you lost? How much hair has fallen out from sheer anxiety?

“How can she know? How can she know?”

I can hear your internal dialogue now. “They cannot prosecute on hearsay. She has no real evidence. The bodies are gone. The ________ was destroyed!!! How can she know????”

Again I say to you… the few still alive. Soon you will wish you had gone the way of the shooter.

“Dead is so much easier… don’t you think Grim?” They can’t ask you any questions! Plead the Fifth my dear… plead the Fifth, my dear! Even from the grave-deny! Deny!
Deny if you must- coward. It will not matter… remember the clue from Charley.

“The trail will lead to MOT.”

You say you don’t know what that means, Grim? Sure you do. Just think about your code word: O. S. T. R. I. C. H.

Foolish man, did you really think he would leave them all exactly where he knew you would look first? Did you think he would put Hazel and the children in danger? Funny, how you thought you were the only clever one. But such is the ignorance of youth and ego!

They usually say, “… Don’t sweat the small stuff.” But if I were you, Grim??

I most definitely would!!!!

It is already done!!! Now time to reap what you have sewn…

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