Following a hunch I had…


Following a hunch I had about some information I’d received quite some time ago regarding the moonshine industry in Valdosta back then- the train, the lockbox and further contacts, I did a little more research and was surprised I had not seen the potential segue before now.

Names and dates that I was told months earlier to be aware of- which made no sense at the time, now ring differently as I delve deeper into another facet of another case that may also be a connection to Charley’s death.

“…. __________’s body was found in this river when it floated to the top and was found by a fisherman on December 17, 19___. An autopsy was performed that afternoon in _____________, Georgia…”

Yesterday, one of the key players in Valdosta’s moonshine history passed. Perhaps he will give up more information from the other side than he did from this one.

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