Hazel begins to speak…


Hazel begins to speak…
Long have I waited for her to come to the plate and it was well worth the wait. Yesterday was well spent in between the rumpled pages of her journal. So much is revealed when you are patient and can keep catalog of all events. Thank you Hazel… for being so incredible in your record keeping. Your due diligence to find your husband’s murderers will pay off in dividends. I am only sorry that I could not have met you in life- as you strike me as a woman of considerable substance. I should have liked to have been there for you in those years. I could have helped, if only to have shared your passion for resolution. That being said… do not be a stranger longer. Your words have power too and I feed from them as do I from Charley’s 8X10 upon my writing desk.
Now… let’s move on. So we have confirmation on many things and new intrigue on others. I got a big thumb’s up (metaphorically) on my Maxwell epiphany. Which by the way will remain a cherished and humorous memory for me for a long time. How he must have delighted in my ignorance and then my moment of discovery! You are a funny guy Charley… a funny guy. Thanks for the laugh. Moving away from there- remember yesterday and for several days how I have wondered about those who came to Charley’s house late in the night- actually early morning of his death? Well, I have done so with good reason. Now I have numbers to go with names- trains, train routes…why would it have been so necessary for this person to be there?

Compassion? Maybe… but in that town- at that time- on that night- compassion would have been spelled “CONSPRACY”. Oh my… how many more were complacent in this? It damn near boggles the mind how many were involved in the cover up of this man’s murder! Hell… it damn near boggles the mind that that many people were involved directly in the murder itself- if you want to know the truth. So tell me mister conductor… what route begins with the number 3… and ends with Charley’s death? Hmmmmm….???

The short barrel 38 that belonged to Charley- the one that Hazel could not find anywhere in the house- the bedroom to be exact… suddenly turns up in the hands of G- the alleged mistress and causation for this great suicide event… and no one bothers to check to see if this gun has been fired? Well, that’s what the area supervisor answered when Hazel demanded to know why this woman (G) was in possession of a gun she said Charley had given her. Imagine… Charley giving away a loaded gun of his to a woman he is supposedly having an affair with? A gun- of his- in the hands of a violent… unstable woman who slept with how many men??

Forgetting the cardinal rule of murder?

Most murders are committed for 1 of 3 reasons:

A woman!


And… a woman!!!!!!!!!!!

So how stupid were they? Hmmmmm….. She (Hazel) asked that and many other point blank questions that could not be answered by those in authority- either directly or most times even at all.

When I ask about the 38- Hazel directs me to page 32 of her journal. She is right on the money and so I read this page over and over and feel her pain anew.

Let’s look at other questions this poor woman begged to be answered:

Q: Is it true they were to be married in December?
A: That is what we understand G to have said.

Q: Had he made any arrangements about a divorce?
A: None that we were able to find.

Q: Is it true that they met in _________’s apartment?
A: ___________cannot swear that they did. He leaves his key outside on the air conditioner when he is not home. He has never seen them there, but…

Q: Where are all these clothes that she (G) supposedly gave him?
A: There were two shirts- in a drawer in his office. __________ took them home with him. He figured you did not want them.

Q: Why in heavens name would _________ want them?
A: He just took them. Mrs. _____________ (G) said that she wanted them back and told me again to get the 38 pistol back.

Q: I told Mr. H___________ that I had better not hear about that pistol again. Then I asked him if it had been fired and he told me there had been no reason to test it.

And it continues…..

Q: Which shot was fired first?
A: The shot under the chin?

Q: Where was he when this happened?
A: By the front tire.

(Pay particular attention to these statements!!! I shall explain in a minute why.)

Q: Was there any blood there?
A: No…

Why? Because dead men don’t bleed- that’s why!! It could not have been the first shot and any idiot with half a brain would have known that. So why was everyone so duped? Or was it more duplicity than duped?? With that statement alone- right there she had a homicide confirmed for her by the very ATTD agent who was in charge of the investigation. Not to mention if the victim is found 12-15 feet in front of his car- lying face down with the gun under his belly and another shot through his head from behind and upward of his right ear…and you claim it is suicide and he is alone… how the hell do you know he shot himself first at the front right tire????

This is not rocket science my friend… this is bull! And there is more, but it will keep till tomorrow.

For now let me just say…
“That’ll do pig… that’ll do…”

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