Knowing this.. will you change?


While I have many more things recently learned that I could share with you… I will opt out today for something more important than the hype that comes with new information. It is something far more valuable for me to share.

It is simple. Learn to recognize the miracles in your life for there are many and be grateful that they happen.

If you are reading this… then you have already received one; the gift of sight.
If you smirked at my Polly-Anna outlook today… then God Bless you for your sense of humor and patronage!!!
If you laughed at me for saying that- there’s another; the joy of human expression!
If you appreciate my detour, but really want me to get to the order of business- solving this case… the miracle is- it is already solved- now it must be proven.
If you wonder whether or not that means that my research and this blog is over… not with what I have just learned!!!
If you want to know how grateful I am to have been chosen for this task… the answer is unequivocally –YES. (Frightened sometimes that it is beyond my skill set and comprehension… but confident that it could have been no other person and no other way.)


Because that is my miracle.

Days ago I comforted a man who suffered greatly and lost his family needlessly. I sobbed at what his family had lost by loosing him and could not find adequate words to console… so I held him to my chest and kissed him on the forehead and told him how sorry I was.

Today I received a message from R.
Charley says- “…thank you for keeping me in your heart and for touching my forehead in the picture…”

Today I received the miracle of confirmation.
The man was Charley. I had held his photo, kissed his forehead and cried for the terrible loss and the insanity of the reasoning by those who did it.
Today- he acknowledged the act of my compassion.
Today… I am thanked… today I am blessed.

Be well… finding the blessings in your day today and know that everything you do is perceived by those who have gone on before us. Knowing this… will you change how you live???
Thank you R.

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