My, oh my… have I said too much?

I wrote a blog this morning and after re-reading it for edits, realized I was giving away way too much information. Sooooooooo… to be a bit more cryptic I will leave you with these thoughts instead.

You know that Charley and his partner were on stand-by that weekend because there was a truck spotted carrying raw materials for moonshine across the state… a huge truckload and they thought it was headed for Valdosta. I believe they said it would be one of the biggest busts ever if…

Here’s the kicker. If the truck entered Georgia (and they never say from what direction) and went through Atlanta- which we can assume because they always track the truck from one area to the other and then transfer it to new agents when it is out of someone’s jurisdiction- so to speak… and his area superior from the Atlanta office called Charley direct and placed Charley and his partner _________ on stand-by, as he said- all the other agents were… and I quote “ busy sitting on their own stills”. It meant that Charley and _________ were the only two agents working this, ‘once in a lifetime bust’ and so his area supervisor advised Charley that he had to check in every two hours and not go anywhere without permission.

I have just a few questions that to me seem rather obvious. But even more obvious is the fact that not one other person ever bothered to ask them! Including… the attorney. Seems odd in an investigation concerning a possible- homicide and/or suicide- don’t you think? But before you decide… here are a few that jumped out at me.

First of all- if the truck had come through Atlanta… then why would they go out of their way by means of Athens to get to Valdosta, hmmmm? Crooks are not that friggin clever- nor do they wish to piss away profits on gas by going 100 or so miles out of their way. Athens seems a bit of a rouse now, doesn’t it? Did to me!

Second, if this was such a huge deal- such a fantastic REGIONAL bust that would have put V on the map- then why would you have all the other agents tied up on other piss ant projects and not drag them on board too, hmmmm? Seems a bit inconsistent to me.

Third, how convenient was it that Charley and his partner were placed on stand-by all weekend long. Can’t leave the house- can’t go out of town like the weekend prior. Can’t go out and do stuff until they are told they can. And how fortuitous for the murders that suddenly they are told they can get out for a while- just after Charley gets a phone call reminder call about the “moonshine van deal” out on Redland Church Road that goes down at 9:30 every Sunday night? Wow… what incredible timing!

As in…. How the Hell did they know he would have to leave his house just about that time in order to make it out there by 9:30? And how did they know that the Sunday before…he couldn’t make it out there cause he was at his mamma’s house till late that night in Millen? Oh… that’s right. They couldn’t have? Why? Because, he wasn’t on stand- by that weekend! Too hard to plan shit when you don’t know where he is or when he’ll be coming out to the Redland Church Road area. But now this weekend is different. This weekend you know. How? Because suddenly this ‘raw materials’ truck stops just an hour before this other “deal” is supposed to go down?

Ain’t that somethin, Bubba? Reckon how they would know something like that?

“Golly Beave, it seems awfully fishy to me.”
“Ya think so, Wally?”

In fact, I’d venture to say that whole raw materials truck deal was a huge pile of __________! There was no truck- there was no deal- there were the players (that only I know) who needed to be able to keep Charley tied to his house until the appointed hour. Needed to know every move he made that day- Hazel’s too. Why? Cause it sure would come in handy building a bull______ case about an affair later on! Especially since those who were setting him up for the kill that night had no better way to keep track of his every move, than to tell him it was for his job!

You think about it. A big bust- biggest Valdosta would have ever seen they say and suddenly only 2 guys are needed? A truck that comes into the state from… where? And goes to Valdosta by way of Athens???

My questions for them would be. So what happened to the big raw materials deal that was on its way? What ever happened to that truck? Did they arrest the folks in Athens???
Hmmmm? Never seemed to materialize now, did it? Funny how a thing like that gets overlooked!

How could nobody ever ask that question after the fact?

And if Georgia was such a hot bed for moonshine runners in October of ‘66, how come they closed offices and shut them down for lack of need in January of ‘67 two months later? How come his partner was suddenly transferred out of state in January too? And how come nobody could find that guy that night till 2:00 in the morning?

My, oh my… have I said too much?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
Hell no! There’s tons more… tons!!!

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