Numbers have power…

Today the date is January 11, 2011 and so it will read digitally as: 01-11-11

There is power in numbers. Make a promise to yourself to use this power wisely and at 11:11 PM on this most auspicious day of 1-11-11 choose your directions with care. This is the beginning of a nine year cycle and what you think, feel and project will find a way to manifest itself in your life- so take care and think how your desires and projections will affect you- not just now– but for the next nine years. Your decisions carry great weight- be aware.

Move forward with confidence that what has passed, has passed and create anew with better intentions.

This is the year that Charley will be able to make his peace and his children will come to know the truth of what happened that night 44 years ago… but only after those who participated are called out and held accountable.

Justice delayed will not be justice denied- not if I have anything to do with it and trust me…
I DO!!!

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