That leaves me… two short!

Again with scattered dreams…

I understand that not all the work can be done during my days. With career and other responsibilities sloshing about my consciousness and spilling over into the un, my receptors have been clogged of late with irritating bits of unresolved viral minutia. Desperate not to loose the thread, I have gone to bed frustrated at my loss of umbilical- imploring Charley to find segue in whatever fashion need, so that I am not left too long at metaphorical bulwark with no impending directive. Last night exhausted with my own frustrations, I wished him goodnight and plunged into caverness slumber confident I could do no more than offer vessel to be filled.

I believe I received information last eve.

Only this time, they were pulling information for more recent and concrete experiences. R had recently mentioned another name, although she thought perhaps that it might be a connection to either current law agency personnel or possible future law agency personnel. The catch? I cannot fast forward my life enough to see the connection- so I must remain within the only realms I can decipher. In the sleep state- rigors of timelines do not seem to inhibit and a collage of readings begin to align. The name R has given continues to present itself, along with the image of the shovel and the number 7 floating above it. I know the shovel is for Jessica. Jessica is fixated on her face. Jessica of medium build and light brown hair, whose face was bashed in with a shovel. The exact meaning of the #7 eludes me still. Then other clues R has given which have yet to find mooring begin to sail into the picture.

“Ace of spades- black-tell her that…” they insist. “Do you understand- black, ace of spades?” she pushes.

I understand the overall significance, but cannot make a direct connection and sidestep, reminding her of another card clue from almost a year ago.

“Remember the seven of spades? You said that before. I have no segue for either-what do they mean? What do they have in common other than the obvious? Why won’t they just tell me? Why?”

She is redirected. We return to information about the MOT.
“You know this is what the murder was about… the MOT. The rest is part, but the MOT is why. Do you understand?”

“I understand… I understand. I just can’t piece some of these other things. The playing cards… the lock box. The #7…”

This conversation follows on the heels of more information given that day on the lock box, #8____; the lock box that contains documents, rolled up inside. The lock box located at 2223 East Thun___________. Specific building. Roof- wood- thick shingles- a hut or shack like appearance- has to do with lock box…the documents…”

Does this now have to do with connection between politicians and New Hampshire, the loose diamonds, G and the only significant event that happened that year in new Hampshire?

“One red ruby… one red ruby…”

I return to the name; L_________.

I search my internal files, knowing that I have run across no such name in recent or distant past repertoires. I lay quiet in the blackness and try to remain open to what was coming through. As my mental Rolodex begins to flip backwards, I am cast back into several other random impressions that have been without tether. The speculation by one that Jessica may have lived in a trailer at _________’s Trailer Park. Which segued into another remembrance about research on recent real estate transactions? A transaction that showed the transfer of a specific lot located in a trailer property. This transfer was between the Grim Reaper and another association, whose last name was very much related to one of the other players in this case. Could this #7 indeed be the number of the trailer lot in ___________ Trailer park that might have housed one or more of the victims under Grim’s watchful eye?

Intuition is never as random as appears on surface. Odd…how even in slumber, I rationalized I had not thought about that information in over 7 or 8 months- so why now? Using the shorthand of the dead, I am always suspicious of things that simply ferment in the recesses of my mind and then suddenly float to the surface. Why now indeed? While trying to parse in half sleep the importance of such a reintroduction, I was introduced to something new. What if this new name is not attached to law enforcement as part of law enforcement itself- but rather as something else attached to law enforcement?

In slumber’s conversation with Charley I asked… what if?

As a final bid of intriguing adieu, I see this girl’s name appear to float onto another list. It crosses over 4 badges and lands right under two other names I have become intimately familiar with:


A thought?

If the four in flannel had a club…If this is about fraternal protection and the seeming rite of initiation to this twisted club was to murder? And their trail of tears thus far includes the two names listed above…

Hmmmm…You do that math.

That leaves me… two short!

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