They are speaking to you …


I dreamt last night that I was having a conversation with someone who I knew; yet could not seem to identify from my conscious associations. We were reviewing a list and at the end of that list was the word: information.

I was told I already have the information I needed and when I asked why I could not seem to access it, I was informed…
“You will be directed when to access.”

This was after a day filled with numbers everywhere! Highway signs, street signs- house numbers, faces on clocks… 10:10, 11:11, 1:11, 5:55…
License plates that read 2222, 555, 111 and 888…

When I awoke this morning, I looked at the clock…Bingo! You guessed it!

555 = “Huge changes are rumbling through every section of your life…”

Still think the universe doesn’t communicate with you? Listen to your guides. They are speaking to you through the sacred and universal language of mathematics.

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