One of you still alive will crack!

One of you still alive will crack!
One of you left can no longer take the pressure… can no longer sleep at night knowing that there is someone else left in this world that knows what you know… that saw what you did and will tell the world before you do! One of you can no longer keep the secret! One of you will no longer honor the sacred covenant you made with the others. One of the “4 in flannel” can no longer hide their guilt and they want to go to their maker clean. Was it you, who brandished the shovel and was left to bury the dead while the others kicked the corpse and laughed at their innocence? Was it you, the mastermind who stood back and watched as others do your dirty work for you? Or will it be the crazy one who likes to watch fish? How about the one with the gavel and hideous ego that cannot imagine a world where his word is not golden or protected? Hmmm… Which one will it be?
Page 7, page 7 they keep presenting. “Clean it up! Clean it up!” they all say. So I did. I read your name there. I know who you are!
You can come to me now or you can come to me later… but you will come regardless the timing and when you do… the world will see that everything I have written and everything I haven’t… YET… will tell the truth about what happened on the Clyattville-Nankin Road that late night in October of 1966.

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