Can you fill in the blanks????

My friend and mentor R refers to epiphanies as, “Ah hah moments!”
I, on the other hand am a bit more base in my interpretation of such and comically refer to them as, “Oh sh__ moments!!”
Because generally when I get a flash of brilliance… even I am amazed at what I have deduced! Case in point… this morning!
Deadlines tend to rush me to the net and so, being under the gun… (No pun intended- I hope!) I rushed. The next thing I knew, I was reading a current document… which I will share later, but then went back through old material and finally made the connection! I am always amazed at how one piece of light can illuminate an entire portrait! I have had one hit me like a lightning bolt and with that much of a jolt to my sense of equilibrium- an “Oh sh____!” seems to be a much better fit for me. Ya gotta love God, though… He has a wicked sense of humor and takes great delight in my delayed intellect! Charley too, no doubt.
Just the same, I have made a connection at the 11th hour!
“…the OSTRICH is tied to the farmer by the fence, the farmer is tied to the smoker, the smoker is tied to Roxanne, Roxanne is tied to Grim…
You know, for the longest time I was confused about the farmer- till I re-read an interview and then BINGO! There it was!

O.S.T.R.I.C.H. stands for _________________. It’s not a “who” my dear readers… it’s a “what!”
The OSTRICH is tied to the farmer! The farmer to the cheese cutter!!! The cheese cutter to G! The cheese cutter was literally tied- or rather used on Charley’s arms! That’s why he was so freaked out about his skin in the first reading! It had been lacerated!
The farmer is___________________.
The smoker is _____________________.
Roxanne is dead.
Roxanne is tied to Grim. Grim was Roxanne’s _______________.
Grim is ____________________.
Can you fill in the blanks????
I can!
Now do you understand why “Ah hah” doesn’t quite cut the mustard when you’re dealing with this kind of information??
This, my dear readers, is definitely an “Oh sh__!” moment!!!

2 Responses to “Can you fill in the blanks????”

  1. toasty redhead Says:

    Thank you for a great post.

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