So I ask you again…


Timing is everything…

We all spend enormous amounts of energy and emotion weighing the pros and cons of doing something or not. Things like… if I buy this now, I cannot afford to buy that later. Or, if I tell this person what I know- I run the risk of loosing something in the process.

“What?” I might ask, are you waiting for?

If you know something, then you have a moral obligation to man-up…step up to the plate and speak your piece.
Why is it we try to make this harder than what it is?
Life is not as complicated as we make it. I know… I used to make mine that way. But one tumor and many experiences later, I now know that life is about lessons.

What we learn- what we teach.
What karma we create over and over, because we have NOT learned.
What is inherently right and what is ambiguously wrong.
Still… we parse our words and our meanings because it is not our heads that have already rolled.
What I say to you now is truth… or at least, my truth.
When I think of Charley- I think of a six year old girl who was denied her father and he- his daughter. Because I was one of 10 and because I have children of my own- I know what a cataclysmic loss this was for all.

So I ask you again to think about these questions- but do so with your heart and not your fear.

When should you say something?
When should you keep quiet and when do you finally stand up on your own two feet, right a wrong and tell the truth about what you know?

I’m here…waiting and I will not go away.

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