What do you want from me?

Ever have one of those weeks when your life feels more like that new song by Adam Lambert… “What do you want from me?” than it should?

Well… after 3 years of that, and a couple of glasses of wine- I will look to the stars and ask the God and the universe the same question.

What do you want from me?

Haven’t I asked every question, followed every lead and sacrificed every rational thinking cell in my body to blindly follow where it is you lead me? Haven’t I done enough to warrant some direct guidance?

Well… haven’t I?
Have I not devoted the last two years of life to my divine mission, forsaking everything else in my path, including my sanity to do so? Have I not made enough personal sacrifices to warrant a wink and a nod when asked?

Tonight I am spent. Charley feels distant, guides seem to have lost their train of thought and I grow weary of guessing my way through this phase of my life. So, my dear light workers and those on the other side, I now ask you point blank…

What do you want from me?

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