The first definition is: somebody tending sheep.
The second definition is: somebody providing guidance.

The other day somebody asked me if I had ever done a life regression. My answer was no. When I asked why-they said it would be curious to see if Charley and I had had a connection in another life. My personal thought is somewhat similar to what is so brilliantly expounded upon in the book, Embraced By the Light by Betty J. Eadie. That is to say, I believe that a group of souls bind themselves to one another as agents of learning throughout each incarnation. So, in essence—it wasn’t a far-fetched notion that Charley and I might have held such a pact prior to this incarnation. In my curiosity to divine this rare connection- I posed the question to the universe the other day while on my ride home, asking for an explanation.
The reply came back:
“Did you look up at a street sign? What was the name of the street? That is your answer.”
Now mind you, on any given day my commute and travels bring me past 200-300 street signs easy and… being a most inquisitive and intuitively overloaded gal… I will look for information in all of them. Thus—my quandary! Which signs had I read 24 hours before that would have triggered an ‘ah-ha’ kind of response. My first intuition was to recall those names or phrases that held any significant tie and/or impression to this case or to Charley. I mentally ransacked my brain and came up with a few. I chose only those that immediately came to the forefront- as they don’t want you to have to work too hard. I piece-mealed several words that stuck out- then parsed for a connection. Pretty much most of the day I drew a blank- except for the three or four initial imprints and in an attempt to retrace my steps, I took the exact same route as the day prior. Keen on divining the message, I eyed every sign I had glazed over before. As I drove, home I tried to recall the exact location of the roads I had pulled names from; which was hard to do because most of my roads are incredibly bucolic and even more incredibly similar! Forty-five minutes into the trip and my frustration- I spotted the first one. It read, Walter Shepherd. Now- there is significance there for two reasons- so I decided to wait it out and not jump too fast to a conclusion. Several Earth, Wind and Fire songs later- I spotted another, immediately followed by another- Porter Street and N. Johnson.
Hmmmmmn… that segue’s a no-brainer, but he had nothing to do with my question and so I used this pattern as the template it was meant to be and asked for further confirmation. It came in the fashion of the next two signs visible to me. The first of the names held 3 words. The second is rather obvious.
First signs read, Charlie ______ _____ and next came, Shepherd Road.
In the shorthand- the answer became just as obvious and my ‘ah-ha’ moment became my typical “Oh s___!” moment.
Charley is my shepherd.
So you see… the first definition of a word is not always right. Sometimes we must look just beyond the surface for the deeper meaning of a word or a phrase or even a thought. I received my answer in the manner in which suits best for now. Charley is my shepherd. Whatever he was or was not to me in another life doesn’t really matter; I can only concern myself with what he is in this life- a mentor, a guide, a shepherd meant to keep me from harm.

Now that that is cleared up, I’m hopeful he will be just as forthcoming on the following clues.
…feet that are burning hot
…the vodka cranberry-drink, listen to what the bartender says
…the letter in the mail
(And this other clue, I was able to figure out on my own.)
…work on letting go of the event that occurred on Halloween

Got-it- message received!

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