Who is the man …

Who is the man with the mole on his upper lip?
Hmmmmmmmm…I am pretty sure I know. But where does he figure into all this and why will Charley not give me the definitive nod on E or S? Or, at least a nod and a wink I can recognize. Perhaps my radar is fuzzy what with current work related issues.
Nonetheless, every time I get one clue figured out, they throw me another and so I have to sit back and ponder the following:
Is this information the answer to the last question or is this something new all together and is there a segue I can follow to be certain?
Roap maps… road maps! I need one to follow this new trail. They have mentioned someone by name. I have heard this name before from the person who cracked. What is the connection there?

How does all this play into each other. I have the frame and most of the portrait painted… It’s just the highlights that now escape me-but not for long!

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