Yesterday my husband found something washed up on shore…




You know how
I collect all the ridiculous things that float up on my shoreline? Well, I now have
a rather eclectic collection of gifts from the lady of the lake. Let’s see… I
have twenty seven bobbers, various shells that have caught my eye, half a
fishing rod, a pair of goggles, one street lamp globe-(which I returned to its
rightful owner three coves over) a jar of fish bait goop, a shoe, various
pieces of decking and Styrofoam dock material, a 2 Mile marker, a large orange
road safety barrel, a worm bait, a lure bait, various dead fish- (including my
first Gar) and yesterday my husband found something washed up on shore I’ve
never gotten before!


So, what do
you think it means when the cosmos sends you a possum?

Hmmmmm…. Could
it mean that somebody is playing dead? Or that someone is really dead… or
about to dead?

The possum was
pretty convincing. He didn’t move for a whole day, so we buried him.

What do you
think, Grim? Getting nervous?

You must be.

Why else
would they show you as moving money around? Shifting it from one place to
another. Hard to keep track of all that hush money and pay-offs. Not easy to
hide that kind of unsubstantiated cash flow? Just imagine…All those illegal
profits just circling various bank vaults like the undulating currents that
brought me my dead possum! Can’t wait to see what the lady of the lake brings
me next!


Oh… and if
you’re planning to go on an extended trip somewhere?  Think twice.

You know
they’ll find you. And even if they can’t…

I can!

Birthday to my husband!)

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