Who knew?



Some days
are meant for the plow and some for the harvest… today is a plow day. I
continue to turn over the fields of clues from the past two and a half years
and while most have garnered some sort of fruit; there are a few which still
hang in the air unconnected.

while working on the book and a more recent clue, I was required to Google Earth
a particular area south of Valdosta.
I had received information a month or
two ago that involved Jessica and somebody else who was peripheral at best to
the story.

infamous, ‘they’ had talked about a tire, half buried in the dirt- half still
sticking out. As I began to close in through satellite on this area, I had only
local landmarks to go by and so mile by mile I zoomed in…

The satellite
lens crept closer and closer… click by click the greenery began to distinguish
itself and roads began to appear. A few more taps and I was hovering above
the area in question. Having been given the parameters of several key highways in
the area I began to maneuver the line of sight and what do you think I saw?


I saw three
roads that triangulated the specific zone in question.

What is so
special about these three roads, you wonder?

Why their names
of course, silly!

And why is
that, you might ask. Well… because their names are the exact same as the last
names of three very different people involved in this case:


The first
female victim.

The real

And the
snitch that lured Charley to the Redland
Church Road that night!


What are the
odds of that? Hmmmm…yes, what are the odds of that? In a town like Valdosta where a man’s
ego was larger than his cranium in 1966… I’d say, pretty damn good!


Grim- Wow! Who

I had no
idea you were a cartographer too! What a talented fellow you are!

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