Why are you all so silent?


Storms will
be rolling in throughout the day and with the house cozy and cleaned, I am want
to nest, more than to entertain or ascertain. The information train has either
slowed of late, or I am so used to the rushing onslaught of information greasing
the hard iron rails of intuition that any lull in its delivery sends me into a
depressed state thinking I have somehow failed the cosmos as antenna. With R on
holiday and my uncertainty about a few personal matters, I am caught in the

I have not
made the call and it is eating at my insides. If I do- will I alienate my
source? If I don’t… I may delay or deny the fates.

I need your
counsel. The sign said make the call; but what if I am wrong about which call
it meant to divine?

What do I

Can you not speak
to me, Charley and tell me what direction I must take? Have you said everything
you need to… or perhaps want to? Hazel, no guidance from you either?  Is there nothing to add… to ease your pain
or increase my understanding? Should I be looking for another envelope?

And what of you Jessica and Roxanne? Are we
too far from one and too close to another anniversary that you both wish not to
relive the horror one more time and help me fill in the holes? And you, the MOT?
You have never stepped to the plate and I am angry with you for your silence
and lack of participation in securing justice for those two girls. I have asked
time and again for your help and you deny. I wait for your answers and you
disappoint at every turn. Who are you really? Why were you whisked from one
place to another so quickly? And what of the road? Who is Robert? A brother? A
father… an Uncle? Why should you merit such public accolades?

Why are you
all so silent?

today the storm that really rages is not one on the outside of these office
walls… but the one within!

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