The MOT finally speaks…

9/13/11 OK… you have been patient so I am going to share a few things with you today.

Who is Granger? Why is he so significant?

Roxanne confirmed for October death at the lake.

Jessica confirmed for July death at the pool.

The MOT finally speaks to R. “OMG…Do you understand remote viewing?” “Yes.” I say. “He’s showing me his room- the hotel room. He’s showing me the desk. There is a card- a business card. It is on the desk and it belongs to ____________. The card is there on the desk. He wants me to see it. __________ was there. They knew one another- they talked.” I recognize ____________ as a name on a card in Charley’s wallet. What is the connection? I know ______________ is tied to a high ranking state official, possibly tied to Jessica. I wait for further instructions before I write anything more.

“Again he is showing me the desk… the card. Who’s this? Who’s there in the room with him? It’s Grim. Grim and the pipe smoker…”

I ask for confirmation or denial over recent name confusion for the MOT.

 “It feels stronger when you say the name___________. The pull is greater to ____________. Jessica is here. She’s showing me a tattoo. Have we talked about a tattoo before?”

 “No… not a tattoo.”

 “She sees this from where she is … it is on the arm- the arm between the wrist and the elbow- a forearm. It is an anchor- not well done- cheesy looking… like a military buddy drew it there for him…poorly drawn. She can barely breathe. Like he is sitting on her chest- but not to say he is sitting on her chest. Now I can barely breathe. She is showing what it feels like- I am having trouble breathing.”

I tell her to stop- I do not want her harmed. I am worried. She says she is used to it and continues. My heart races… now I can barely catch  my breath.

“She is barely breathing. She sees a plate- a license plate. It is from Tennessee. She sees this- it is on a car… a big car…a Buick possibly- long, big gray sparkly kind of metal- the top white…two toned. White top, sparkly gray body- Tennessee plates. Somebody came down from Tennessee…”

 I suggest an Electra- Buick Electra. They were long cars- some two colors- body one color, vinyl top another.

“She is showing me before this. She is in the rear of the car- the backseat. She may have even been in the backseat with these men voluntarily. She moves to her face- she can barely breathe. Her face is messed up. Half of her face is smashed in- she is obsessed- it is caved in- half her face…”

I ask about the barbed wire about her (Jessica’s) ankles.

“She does not respond- she is focused on her face. You can smell the tobacco- the pipe smoker- the smell is so strong. The pipe smoker is the socio-path in the group. Gets off on doing the torture-…the beatings… the killing. The smell of pipe tobacco is so strong…her face… her face…”

 She reminds me about the map I sent the other day.

“There are three roads… three names… the tire half in and half out. Where is the river? Is the river by this house? The current is so swift- not a stream- a river. Is there a river nearby?”

I confirm. “Yes… there are three roads…three names. The river… the river…”

What happened on the 17th by the river, Charley? What happened on the 17th by the river?

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