Ah, yes. Karma really is a bitch…




As I write
the date, I am caught by the significance of the Numerology involved; 10111. Do
your homework children! The numbers are significant. As to the month itself I
have been both looking forward to and dreading this month. Something is going
to happen this month and I am uncertain of its Karmic origins-nonetheless, I
will do my best to survive and/or enjoy what beauty can be found in its
expression. October has always been my favorite month of the year and this year
I am wanting to be certain I am in the moment of it. So much of my life gets
eaten up by work and obligation, that I tend to look up just as the season has passed
me by.


production opens this weekend and school started for me last night with
homework in  Investigative Forensics Anthropology
and Investigative Forensics. Actually, the semester does not technically begin
until Monday, but with the load I am carrying on top of work and writing the
book… I will have to be four people at once and Charley may have to be
patient with me for a while.


Speaking of Charley,
he had much to say the other day, don’t cha think?


Maybe we can
now find Carlos. The young man from the prison who was sent to work on Charley’s
construction sites as a carpenter- psyche! Nah, really he was sent there to
keep tabs on Charley for those in the know.

He also
talked about hats and more numbers.


Noooo, wait.
My bad!  Just one hat- as a matter of
fact-your hat, Grim.

Then of
course there was something about the number 41?

Whose badge
was #41 back then?

Was it yours
Albert Einstein?

Or yours Mr.


Oh and guess
what? I completely forgot to tell ya all about the man with the haystack.  He loves to decorate his yard this time of
year; Halloween spooks and all. I think he likes ghosts best though, see… ‘because
he is one. But anyway… he sure liked to talk before he went though. He remembered
a little nighttime jaunt ya’ll did about 46 years ago… out by his place…
one cold October night?

Here’s a
riddle for you!

So what can you do with a scarecrow, a body, a
shovel, a compass and an amusement park?

Can ya

Goctha by
the short hairs, boys! Ya, getting a little nervous?


Hell, I
would be! I’d wake up every day and put on a pair of DEPENDS, just to make it
through the day without ___________ all over myself. So let’s see… where was I?


Ah, yes.  Karma really is a bitch… or bitches in your
case! Usually the one’s you killed and thought would never going to come back
to haunt you- but surprise! Life’s just full of all kinds of things you can’t
explain isn’t it? That’s what you gotta love about Halloween.

Ya got live
people starting to squirm.

Ya got dead people crawling out of the
woodwork… or the lake… or the pool… or the hotel…all wanting to rat you
out. Of course- ya can’t kill ’em for it! You already did that! So what’s a crazy
guy like you supposed to do, Grim?

Pray? (LOLZ)

It must suck
to be you two boys right about now. And what about you, Mr. Pocket protector?  That little side track venture into the
moonshine hustle on the railroad?

Yeah, we
know about that too.

Ya’ll were
an extremely entrepreneurial kind of group. Let me see…there was illegal gambling,
running moonshine, drug running, gun running, pornography, counterfeit money,
trade in precious jems…let’s not forget adult entertainment for high rollers
in the state. That’s one of my personal favorites!


Golly, is
there anything I am missing?

Oh yeah! I
almost forgot… murder, bribery, obstruction of justice and what was that silly
little other thing? Oh yeah, perjury, tampering with evidence and…

Oh, not for
you, Grim. You never perjured, because you made sure nobody ever got you on a
witness stand or took your statement. That was smart- bet your “man in Atlanta” taught you that

lawyers in high places sure comes in handy, doesn’t it? Too bad he’s dead now too
‘cause that whole attorney/client thing? Not really working for ya now, is it?

You have to
excuse my ignorance of the law- I’m just a second year student and I can only
do a few courses at a time because I’m too busy chasing your butts all over
history and back.


So, as we
roll on into the best month of the year, be weary.

Ghosts love
this month too!

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