It’s in the blood…



“It’s in the
blood…” she says.

Just like
her mother, manipulative, callous…it is in their blood. It is their way.

She mentions her
childhood… her mother’s boyfriend.


Age 8, age
8… age 8…

Age 8 it began.

Age 8, it all
went South- so did his hands.

Sexual abuse…
good girl, gone bad.


She never
loved Charley. It was a rouse.


It’s her. Dark
brown hair, long legs, red fingernails, red lipstick.

Who is this?
Who is this?



Gray hair,
long- bushy mustache- very thick?

slender…older man now… walks with a cane.

Looks like a

Lots of hair for his age- thick, gray- his
mustache full.


Triad- G
involved with this man, the younger law enforcement and Charley… there is an association…
he is a farmer…he has the initial W in his name…he has  a son.


He knows


He is still
alive…. still alive.


I know who
this is and G knows I know.


Waiting for
more… 11/11/11

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