Maybe it means…




Home today with rain and a case of the sniffles gives me the chance to take stock of where I’ve been and to look forward to where it is I am going. It amazes me to think that soon it will be 2012 and that Charley has been a part of my life for going on three years now. Even more amazing that I once thought finding the shooter was the most important thing I could do for Charley.


Oh what fools we mortals be…


When Charley said that would be just the tip of the iceberg, he wasn’t kidding. Now here we are, three years later and if the last session was on target… five bodies later…that all point towards the energies and directives of one main man and his partners in crime. (This time not only no pun intended… no pun period.)


Grim, perhaps the big hubbub about the year 2012 as being the beginning of the end isn’t all about the Mayan calendar. Maybe it means that it is about the beginning of your end. The end of your era…the end of your freedom and your walking the face of the earth as a supposed pillar of the community.


By the way- you don’t really think people ever bought that ‘holy roller-I’m so honest’ crap about you, did you? Look around Grim. How many true friends do you really have? Can you count them? There are only two left of the four in flannel and you my dear are one of them, soooooooo…the friendship field is pretty thin, isn’t it?


Maybe the two of you should just give up the ghost- Charley’s to be succinct!

Give it up. Go to the authorities and just tell the truth. You might find they will look at you and Albert Einstein and the farmer in the dell with kinder eyes for your compassion to step forward and finally tell everyone your part in these murders. Maybe they will appreciate your candor and your…latent honesty? (Excuse me; I just threw up in my mouth a little bit there!)


Naw…I’m kidding. I just threw up a lot! They are gonna throw the book at you and if not theirs… most certainly mine! So when will you get the message that Charley, Roxanne, Jessica, the MOT and the black night club owner are no longer happy with the way you treated them in life? That even dead- they have unresolved issues that only your turning the hot seat can abate? Sure they forgive you, but you don’t learn anything that way, do you? Karma must be public.


You have much to explain to your maker, Grim. But not as much to the authorities, see…I’ve done a pretty good job for ya already.



Let’s count down the days till they knock on your door and say, “Mr. __________? We’re with the ____­_ and we’d like to talk to you about the murder of Charles Gordon Covington and several others. Come with us, sir.”


And then what happens next?

Ah shucks! I don’t have to tell you- you were in law enforcement so you already know!

Have a pleasant day, Grim.

I’m gonna go work on finishing the book. Can’t wait to see how it ends!!!???!!!!



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