You are one sick bunch of…


You know it was just about this time last year when I found out about Maxwell and the railway moonshine and the man with the bloody hands. Silly to get all nostalgic about such a thing as murder and yet…So little time left in this year and things are finally coming together and beginning to pick up pace. For that and so much more I am grateful. Classes behind me for this semester, I am still pulling a 4.0 GPA and the hard work and grueling pace are beginning to pay off.


Curious about the fourth in flannel I have waffled a time or two in my conviction in an effort to get it right- but have just received confirmation while talking with R that a name that continues to post in my emails has been sent as sign that I have finally nailed my 4th in flannel for certain. Don’t you just love how this works?


This is very good as I continue to work on the book and want all the names to reflect the appropriate individuals. The book is so interesting and as I work on it each day, continue to be caught by the life I have been called to live. Who could have possibly known three years ago the path that has been chosen for me? Not I, said the little red hen…and Grim? What say you?


I pose this question and suddenly the image of the Wicked Witch of the West comes to mind as she writhes and wriggles into a puddle of black and heaving smoke upon the floor.


“Oh what a world, what a cruel world! Who would have thought that you could have destroyed such wonderful wickedness as me? Ohhhhhhh….” and then with a rush of air and a final puff of smoke she is gone. Is that how it will end for you Grim? With a wail and a final puff of smoke, will you too melt into the floor and be gone with no one to mourn your loss? Perhaps I can borrow Albert Einstein’s lighter from Charley to light your broom stick end this season to speed the process along. How bout it Al? “Wanna play with a little fire, Scarecrow?” Oh sorry! That’s right… someone stole that lighter in the bag from the Morris Pawn Shop and never returned it. Was that you G when you came back to dump the coffee grounds on the kitchen floor? Or when you stole the PO Box key? Or the Shooter when he searched Charley’s car that night with the man with the bloody hands?


Or…how about the farmer in the dell? How bout you use  that cheese cutter of yours on someone else’s arms? Hmmm? You used it on Charley? Maybe you could use it on one of the other two in flannel still alive. Too bad the pipe smoker is dead, huh? He could have furnished the puff of smoke and probably financed the whole thing! Think I don’t know who  the 4 in flanel are now???



You should be…

You are one sick bunch of men, ya know it?

Happy Holidays boys!

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