Talk to me Charley…


Have you ever seen something as a natural segue, or a divinely ordained path only to follow through with chasing it and having the journey prove to be not only less than you expected- but completely off the mark from where you thought it might lead?

Several years now into the 11:11 path for my life, I have tried to keep in tune with what the universe is asking of me and on occasion when I see something placed in my path—I do the prudent thing and follow. For the most part, the effort is validated until recently. Now of course I do not mean all efforts- for soon I will reap the benefit of many efforts in a most glorious and appropriate way and for that I am eternally grateful. But another effort which seemed to follow the natural logistics of my journey, proved to be little more than time consuming detour… so I ask the question; why?

Many times I understand the delineations the cosmos sends me on and eventually with gratuitous patience and inspired epiphanies I concur, but this particular jackleg has gotten me a bit bamboozled. Why would the cosmos send me on such an errand if indeed it retained no merit; either eventual and/or immediate, for its causation? Hmmmm…

Still as I ponder such, I am reminded by calendar that I have a great mission and adventure in store for me that I must prepare for and so I shall redirect my attentions elsewhere; but wished to pause long enough for the cosmos to know that I am trying to follow its lead with whatever blind fidelity can be mustered in this situation and that I question- not with belligerence or annoyance, but with candor and true intent to divine what is meant for growth and what is meant for professional folly.

Aside from the above, I continue to engage with Charley as often is possible and do what I can to correct and appease for any errors made or wires crossed. What I do is difficult, as there is no training for this sort of thing. It is divine intervention at its best and personal intuition at its worst, still… I believe it all to be divinely led and so have little option to dismiss.

Recent insights have begun to fill the coffers of answered questions on more personal accounts and I am happy that those that are in charge seem to be of generous spirit of late and take pity on such feeble accreditations as I possess. That being said, I shall continue to conduct such investigations until I have deciphered the information presented by Miss M and the discrepancy of the RT owner of the silver engraved lighter. Perhaps someone’s first name is not what I thought- or that they went by their middle name instead, or…that there was a new player amongst the old that Charley has yet to edify me about.

In any case… a feather was spotted the other day and it brought a great message to both R and I, and so I look forward to the New Year with great hopes that it will prove to be the beginning of a bold new adventure!

Talk to me Charley…

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